In The Misty Meadow

*My english project this half term is to write a horror story. And of course I'm putting it on here too. Any comments and feedback would be amazing as it would help me go up a level if you can spot any grammar mistakes.*

Samantha Brown and Lauren Spencer are on a school trip in an ancient mansion in cornwall. What will happen when one of them goes missing and no one can remember her at all??
Read more to find out xx


6. Six

It was on the edge of the meadow and you could see in its eyes it was hungry and frustrated.  Its ribs stuck out at awkward angles from lack of sustenance.  The creature was hunting the young adolescent girl who stood frail and scared in the centre of the meadow.  She was blissfully ignorant to the beast watching her.

When she turned around and saw the beast she did one of the most stupid of things possible: she admitted defeat.  “Come get me then, I can’t escape!” she exclaimed with utter desperation.  As the beast realised it had been given permission to enter the sacred arena it stepped forward with a bitter smirk on its sculpted face.  Baring its fangs it sprinted at her.

Her death was a slow and painful one yet she did not put up much of a fight.  She was already semi-unconscious by the time he reached her, due to exhaustion.  She had been running for hours and although she had run a few marathons in her time, she did not have such a colossal amount of stamina like the monster did.

Her body was left untouched as the creature had a weapon far worse than physical murder.  It had reached inside her mind and picked apart her life.  Starting with her earliest memories and ending with her most current ones.  It shredded them with its sinewy psyche until there was nothing left.  All her feelings were gone.  Next it moved onto her brain and made it forget how to do things.  First how to move, so she would lie still.  Then how to talk, so she would not scream.  After, how to hear and to see.  Then finally after living like that for a few ghastly unbearable seconds,   it would make you forget how to breathe.

This was the fateful death that the young girl had to go through, with the night mare feeding on her soul.  That was the upsetting death of Lauren Spencer.

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