In The Misty Meadow

*My english project this half term is to write a horror story. And of course I'm putting it on here too. Any comments and feedback would be amazing as it would help me go up a level if you can spot any grammar mistakes.*

Samantha Brown and Lauren Spencer are on a school trip in an ancient mansion in cornwall. What will happen when one of them goes missing and no one can remember her at all??
Read more to find out xx


1. One

The forest was skirting the coastline, with a few dirt paths snaking through.  Sparsely lit, shadows lurk amongst the endless birch.  Silence echoes through the deciduous woods; the snapping of a twig would stir even the most antiquated of the trees.  In the moonlight the silver birch bark glows: almost the only source of light.  Almost.

On the quietest of nights an unnatural being stirs.  A creature so mysterious that even the bravest of mortals gains Goosebumps and sprint off with uninhabited minds.  However within lies a gentle soul.  Seeking to help those with the purest of intention.  It (for it is neither he nor she) detests evil - however It is ignorant to the fact that that is what it is labelled.  AS for its physical appearance … You’ll find out.

As autumn opened her bleary eyes the trees shook off their hair.  Leaves red as blood; acorns chocolate brown.  Hastily, Squirrels scurry around in a hurry for sustenance for the winter that is dawning.  The ground is smothered in a blanket: gold, Amber and ruby.  Pretty as a picture.  The trees stand tall and proud amongst their beautiful surroundings with piles of leaves at their feet.  Distributed unevenly among the long thin arms a few survivors lie; hanging on with the thinnest of stems.  The aroma of the woods is like that of at a harvest festival- we’ve all been to one of those: A cheerful atmosphere; Fresh grown food in every nook and cranny; happy smiles on big and small; songs of thankfulness.

The sun shines through the birch happy to be able to reach the woodland floor once more.  The colours are bright and lively scattered throughout furthermore the sunlight reflects the auburn leaves. A breeze lifts and carries a bundle of leaves on its back swirling around like a minute hurricane.  Wispy, wondrous, in a world of their own they are.  Almost as if they are alive.  The moist but cool air attracts the smallest of creatures.  Speedily millipedes sprint on their sundry legs.  Downy clouds drift lazily across the sky creating shapes of the wildest imagination that few can see.

And among the lanes of dirt and leaves and the eternal silver birch trees lies an old country mansion with a secret cove that is explored my many children ever year.  It goes by the name of: Lullaby house.  Legend goes that it was owned by the night mare.  A ruler of all things forbidden from the human world.  A ruler of the night.



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