In The Misty Meadow

*My english project this half term is to write a horror story. And of course I'm putting it on here too. Any comments and feedback would be amazing as it would help me go up a level if you can spot any grammar mistakes.*

Samantha Brown and Lauren Spencer are on a school trip in an ancient mansion in cornwall. What will happen when one of them goes missing and no one can remember her at all??
Read more to find out xx


4. Four

It was twilight and I had a rucksack full of stolen food from the hazardous canteen as well as an extra layer of clothes.  It was forecasted to be a cold windy night.  The silver moon was all but a slither of wondrous light.  I shivered as a cool breeze flooded through the slender foliage.  I was on a mission to find Laura.  To be honest I didn’t know how much space she took of my heart until now.  Was I willing to do this? The answer was simple…yes.

I had snuck out through the downstairs bathroom window after padding my bed out to cast the illusion that I was tucked up there.  Safe.  I am most certainly not safe now; Out in the forest all alone. “Clever thinking,” some might say sarcastically. However I know this is for the best.  Lauren, I must do this for Lauren.

I walk into the forest determinately.  The tall bare trees loomed precariously above me like a crowd before an execution.  Leering at me so I avert my eyes to look at the thick forest floor. The ground was splattered with auburn leaves.  The trees cast outs were moist with rainfall.  My teal green beanie hat was warm against my head.  A wisp of wind caught my hair causing it to smother my cold face and creep its way into my mouth.  I spat it out in disgust.

I kept walking further into the depths of the eldest forest.  Suddenly, I heard the snapping of a fragile stick behind me.  I spun around worried.  I saw nothing.  I heard another twig snap.  Again I spun round.  This kept happening until I was dizzy and confused.  Then I realised that that was the idea of this sick game.  Acting on instinct I sprinted in the direction I thought was to the old mansion that suddenly seemed so appealing.  I saw light ahead of me and slowed down.  I walked in relief towards the light.  Tears blurred my vision.  I was not aware that I had just cried.

I heard a cough behind me.  Worried, I didn’t turn around.  I then heard another cough, more insistent this time.  I turned around and screamed.  In front of me was the monster I had dreamed of yesterday.  It towered over me, at least six foot, and growled.  I ran.  Faster and faster than I thought was humanly possible of my tiny frame.  Unfortunately I ran in the complete opposite direction to the light that was ahead.

Running, sprinting, loping, scampering, dashing, darting, rushing to safety.  I dodged trees like a squirrel and jumped over dead logs like a sly fox.  I ran, quite literally, for my life.  The trees hit me as I was too sluggish to avoid them.  And the floor became concrete solid under my pounding feet.  I wheezed out my breath as my body became tired and exhausted.

I slowed to a stop and collapsed against one of the more sturdy birch.  Gasped for breath; the air cool inside my nose.  My limbs were fatigued furthermore my whole body felt drained.  I closed my bleary eyes and listened for any sign of the beast.  There was none.  I decided, rather stupidly, to go to sleep.  My mind is like a labyrinth that I can’t be bothered to get lost in.

Slowly I lost consciousness. Ding!  I heard a sound much like the chiming of a bell.  Inside a panicked whilst fighting not to open my eyes. Ding! There it was again.  Overflowing with curiosity, I peeked out from beneath my frosty eyelashes.  There was nothing there.  I closed my eyes again cursing my imagination.  Ding! Ding!  Sure that I wasn’t imagining it I opened my eyes once again.  Fully this time.  In front of me was a blue spirit.  It had the face of a wailing mother mourning for her lost child.  I shuddered then turned away.  I knew that I didn’t have enough energy to run from this dastardly being.

Ding! Another one appeared; then another. Eventually my head was ringing with the sound of the apparition’s appearing.  They formed a trail through the woods stretching as far as the horizon.  It seemed as if following them was my only option.  I just have to hope they’re on the ‘good’ side.  So off I go, into the woods, with only a mysterious spirit to guide me.

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