In the story Harry finds love and has fun.
They go one a tour around the world.


3. Wedding day

It was time for the wedding of Harry and Gabriella.
Everyone was starting to turn up.
It was time for the bride to go down the path.
But where was she she wasn't goin down the path.
She was getting married to someone else and not Harry she was trying to tell that to Harry all the time.
One hour later she turned up at the place with her husband she had already married an hour ago.
She said to Harry I am ready.
She walked down the path and her husband was trying to shout but police offices stopped him.
She was with Harry and the pricked said does anyone not allow Harry and Gabriella not get married.
Her husband was outside with the cops
The couple was about to get married.
They were married and the husband from the last one said Now who are you going to marry.
Well I was meant to tell you this Harry but I never had time.
Well I was meant to tell you this Harry as well I have fell pregnant one week ago with you
And I was meant to tell you this Steve I fell pregnant with you four days ago.
So you are both going to be married to me
You both are going to be dads.
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