In the story Harry finds love and has fun.
They go one a tour around the world.


8. waiting for the 3rd child.

it has been a few days sceine they hered the news about a child may not be delivered. the doctor said they will find out in 5 days. the good new they here is that they can take the others home. she will have to stay in hospital until she finds out. one hour later and pain starts to come back. the doctor comes and says you may have this kid if you give birth right now. she said to the doctor what happens if i don't have it? well he said you can loose the baby and a chance of not having kids again. she said what happens if i give birth? well you still would have a problem of having another baby but you could have kids again. her husband came inand she said daling i am glad your here. the doctor is taking me into laybor i tell you all what he said when i am out. harry said i need to tell you something about matilda. gabriella said tell be when i am out. matilda said to dada where is mummy going. dada said she is having the third child. matilda said what!!!!!!!!! well can i do my magic to help mama. harry said no! if i see you use them you can leave the house. matilda used them when dad went and got something to eat. she put a spell on her to make her have an identical twin. but not only was matilda magic she had said her first words. felix came out and said " dada plus MAMA!!!" he had said his first words too. but harry didn't know that gabriella was magic so half of he kids wolud be magic. harry need to find something out fast. Gabriella was coming out of hospital in three days and her mum and dad were coming tonight so he was going to ask her parents. Gabriella still wasn't out so he leaved. when he got home he prepared the food feeded the babies and then rang the hospital to see if she was out yet. he rang the hospital but the front desk person said haven't you heard yet. harry said heard what come down here in the morning without the kids and i will tell you.


it is the next day and harry needs to go to the hospital to see the front desk lady. when he got their he said i am here to talk to you. and she said come this way. she said i will be back in a sec. she had gone to get the person on her ward plus the doctor. when she came back with them harry said why are they here. she said their here to talk to you about it. the person on the ward said well she left the hospital yesterday with a man around 6:00pm. harry said when was she out of labor. the doctor said at 5:00pm. the child is still here without here. she is coming back today to see the child. she left with a guy with a black jacket andblack jeans and she called him stevee. harry said call me on this number when she comes. and write away. harry went to steve's house and guess what he found. he found the door open. Harry knocked on the door and guess who came steve. harry said may i come in and see your house. i know who you are. you are steve. gabriella's ex husband. now tell me where she is. or i will kill you and if you have her which i know because i was just at the hospital asking where she was and they said she was with a man with a black jacket and black jeans and she was calling him stevee. now GABRIELLA COME NOW OR FINE YOU LOOSE YOUR KIDS AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gabriella came out and said why are you here i am here because you are my wife. gabriella said i was here because i needed to see steve i do love him. and i only keeped you because you have lots of money as steve is pour. now how was this kid you had last night. she said i will tell you when i am at home. she was crying and said to steve come and see me soon. steve said why did you marry him i can't believe what you said so i will not come and see you. and you said you were only their for an X-Ray. she said i only said that because u would hurt me. harry said know get in the car or killed. she went back to the hospital and harry went to the front desk saying i found her. he went up stairs and the doctor was here to tell her the good plus the bad news harry had to leave to go and see nana and papa. when harry was their he said can you tell me the secret why gabriella hasn't told me something yet. please because matilda is magic. her parents said you promise not to tell her because she said promise not to tell anyone. well she is magic and all her kids will be too. i am but i don't use it. well why your also her can you tell me how this steve is. well steve is a nasty guy. and sometimes can hurt people if he is angry. thanks for it all.

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