In the story Harry finds love and has fun.
They go one a tour around the world.


7. next kids

the new kids are on their way without Harry knowing about.

she didn't tell last night due to steve was their.  

when she got up and the family was having breakfast she told the 3 all the good or the bad news.

who ever the young ones would not be happy but harry and gabriella wanted to make up their own family.

she was eating her breakfast when emma tried to leave the table. she said i need to tell you something.

she said,

" Well guys i went to the doctor yesterday for a test to see if i was having a child and the doctor said i will be having TRIPLETS!."

you should of seen harrys face he was saying likely "OMG!!"

he was happy and i was glad.


1 month until the babies are born. she has gone out 5 times every month to get toys, dipers, clothing and dumies plus bottles.

she had to get what ever you need for a babie.

harry has been busy lately he is askin the boys boys if he can have 2 months of due to the kids arriving.

1 day until the TRIPLETS arrive. she has to do the same thing as last time  but go earler.


harry is taking her wife into hospital due to the babies. the other kids are with their nana and papa. they have to go to bed at 7:30pm

First child:

they have already had one half an hour ago.

the doctor has seen her and said it will be 45 minutes apart.

the child they had was a boy so they named it joshua.

they are thinking to have a big family and don't wast any presous time.

Second Child:

the second child  has been delivered and they were realy happy that it was a boy. they like the name steve but scence that is her ex husbands name they said no. they decided to call it phil. they said they hope they have a girl so their would be 3 girls in the house and 3 boys in the house but the doctor gave them the good and bad news. the bad news was that the third one will not be delivered untill therther notice. and the good news is that if it does get delivered it will be a girl.




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