In the story Harry finds love and has fun.
They go one a tour around the world.


5. Hospital

It is the time I need to take her to hospital she has just found out she is having 3 kids she found out I am going to be a dad of two.
It is 1:00am and Harry is up getting ready to go to hospital.
1:30am and be arrives she is in the bed giving birth to one of the twins. Because the doctor said one is 45 minutes older. So it will be born early.
Harry said you can do it.
She had already given birth to their girl Matilda.
Harry was really happy until Steve came in and said give me my wife.
Gabriella said I am going to stay with Harry scenes I did know him before you.
Steve said well who is haveing the twins.
He also said who ever has them can keep her cause I know I am going to have them.
It was 2:05am and she was going into laybor again.
With the next child that will belong to Harry.
Steve said also the peron who dosn't have the twins has to disgorge her.
She said yes!!
But when Steve realized that Harry was having the twins he said I will get the disgorge papers tommorow.
Harry said thanks for helping her and helping me.
Gabriella said to Harry you do relize that you will have 3 kids.
You should of seen the shock on Harry's eyes.
Gabriella had already had her second child a boy Felix.
Harry was really happy to her all about the twins and the babies.
Harry said do you promise me you will not have one until next year.
And she promised him.
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