In the story Harry finds love and has fun.
They go one a tour around the world.


1. Harry

One cloudy day Harry was walking along the beach when he meets this beautiful girl.
He turns around and she turns her head. They both walk back at stop on the middal of the beach.
Harry says to her you look beautiful.
She says thank you I really like your compliment.
Harry asks do you want to come I my place now.
She says yes after I have gone to my mums place.
When she comes they go into Harrys room and she starts to KISS! Harry
Then Harry starts to KISS! Her.
Then Harry says we should get married.
She says can we get married next year when we know each other a bit more.
He says we should get married in February on valentines day.
She says YES!!
Shold we start planing now so we have more time next year.
She sas YES!! An excellent idea!
They said we will do the place we get married first.
They planned it for next year on valentines day.
Then they said ohh no we need to get engaged.
Harry said don't worry.
Harry said we will get married today at 5pm.
They started to have a guest list with all their relatives names on it.
They had everyone in her street
And everyone in his street
They had all their friends
All up they equalled they were going to have 1000 guest coming.
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