In the story Harry finds love and has fun.
They go one a tour around the world.


4. Baby born

It I the day before Harry is going to be a dad.
Gabriella Is in so much pain.
And she is going into hospital tonight because it is meant to me due at 2am in the morning.
Harry said to her this morning tommorow when you go into hospital I will drop you of and then go home and come back at 1:30am in the morning I will need to get some sleep.
She said thank you but I still need to tell you something I need to go to the doctors to see if I am having a girl or boy and if I how many I am going to have.
Harry said do you want me to take you their.
She says yes.
Well you know how I am married to you both well I am going to live with you so that means you will have 2 kids in the house I move in after I am out of hospital with Steve's.
Harry said Thankyou I really aporia hoarse it thanks.
She said you will have to grow up being a dad and a
Step dad.
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