I'll Always Be Here...

This story is about a girl named Amber she is best friends with Liam,Niall,Harry,Louis,and Zayn. She has known Liam for a very long time,and has very strong feelings for him....will they end up together?


3. Tension

Later that night I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs for a drink and to listen to some music;maybe that would help. So I was making tea when this really good song came on,as I was looking for the sugar I started dancing around the kitchen and singing. "BOO!!!", someone said as they grabbed my arms from behind. "Oh my gosh Louis!!!", I shouted as I punched him in the chest. "Oww what did I do?, he asked as he rubbed where I had punched him. "You nearly scared me to death that's what you did." "Haha I know...so what are you doing down here?" "Well Liam and me usually talk but he's knocked out and I can't sleep." "Oh so you couldn't have sex cause Liams a sleepy head.", He answered casually as if I wasn't going to say anything back. "We do not have sex.", I protested. "Hmm...really cause it seems like it?" "No Louis we just talk." "Well seems like there's a lot of tension between you two." "Well there isn't." "Well how come you don't cuddle with any of us?" "You really wanna know?" "Yes please enlighten me.", He said in  a sassy tone. "Well you guys have girlfriends remember?, and I've know Liam since we were little kids we had sleepovers all the time." "Why don't you sleep in the guest room?" "Hello did you forget I'm scared of the dark?", You know what I'm done with this conversation I'm going to bed now." "You like him don't you Amber?" "Goodnight Louis.", I said ending the conversation. When I got in the room Liam wasn't there so I just turned on the light and crawled in bed to go to sleep. After about ten minutes I heard Liam come in the room and turn the lights off. When he got in bed he put his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then said "I'm sorry I left you alone I'll never do that to you again; I promise." He was so sweet it was so hard fighting the urge to kiss him right then and there. The next morning I guess I slept later than usual because the boys decided to wake me up with a dog pile. "Well thanks boys I needed that.", I managed to grunt sarcastically. "You're welcome.", Harry answered. "I was kidding you curly headed freak.", I said sticking my tongue out at him. "Hey tiger watch it I'm a taken man now." "Oh don't remind me." After they all went down stairs I took a shower and ate some breakfast. Later on Zayn realized that we had no food so he decided to go to the store. When he asked who wanted to come I jumped at the opportunity, I love food especially shopping for it cause I mean I got to choose what I wanted who doesn't like that? Zayn hated going to the store with me he decided to inform me of that on the way there, but he also said it was adorable how I ran for everything I wanted. After we were done and went home I was exhausted so I decided to go to bed early... 

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