I'll Always Be Here...

This story is about a girl named Amber she is best friends with Liam,Niall,Harry,Louis,and Zayn. She has known Liam for a very long time,and has very strong feelings for him....will they end up together?


5. Party!

The next morning it was like all of the crying I did was a relief and a big weight was lifted from my shoulders. To my surprise Liam was still sleeping so I decided to get him back for the dog pile. So I sat on top of him and bounced up and down as I yelled,"It's time to wake up sleepy head!!" "Well I bet you feel strong now.", He said as his eyes fluttered open. "Why yes indeed I do and I am very strong in fact I'm stronger than you Mister weight lifter.", I teased as I pinned his wrists to the bed. "Oh really?",He said as he rolled over pinning my wrists to the bed. "I don't think so.", He whispered within kissing distance of me. "Yeah this is really awkward...I told you Amber tension.", Louis said in an awkward yet teasing tone. "Louis we were just playing around.", I said turning to the door where he was standing. "Oh yeah well it looks like you were trying to have sex." "Well we weren't.", Liam said. "That's not what everyone else is going to think.", Louis said as he ran down the hallway. "Wait what's that supposed to me-?", I was cut of by Louis yelling that we were trying to have sex. "What?!" I heard everyone yell in shock. "No we were not!!!", Liam and I yelled as we ran down the stairs."Okay raise you hand if you think there is some sexual tension between these two.", Louis asked making the situation even worse. Of course everyone had to raise their hands this I could tell irritated Liam. "This is ridiculous we are just friends guys drop it.", Liam said raising his voice a little louder as he talked. "Well we aren't having this conversation anymore I'm going for a drive.", I said ending the conversation once and for all. "I'm coming too.", Niall said grabbing the keys. "Well I'm going for a run.", Liam said as he walked out the door. As we pulled out of the driveway Niall broke the silence. "So this mornings been interesting....What happened?" "Nothing happened I swear me and Liam were just goofing around like you guys do all the time." "Hmm...well I'm not gonna lie it's pretty obvious that you guys care about each other as more than just friends, but don't worry Louis was just being Louis." "Yeah I guess." After the drive we went back to the house for a few drinks. After a while the only people that weren't drunk were Niall, Liam, and I. "Whooo!!", Louis shouted. "Louis get off the counter and put on some pants.", I said as I laughed. "Hey missy don't be such a buzz kill.",Louis said in a sassy tone. "I am not a buzz kill." "Okay whatever you say." "No I can have fun you just watch.", I said pouring myself three shots and grabbing a beer. "Amber you don't have to do this.", Liam said as he grabbed my hand to pull me back. "Oh no I'm doing it." Next thing I know I'm on the counter with Louis singing and drinking. "Wow I've never seen Amber this crazy.",Liam whispered to Niall. "I know it's funny to see how far she'll go to prove a point." "No it's not you aren't the one who has to take care of her when she wakes up with a hangover." "Aww that's sweet but she's a big girl Liam she'll be fine, she can take care of herself." "Yeah okay whatever you say, lets go Amber time for bed.", He said as he carried me to the room bridal style. "You know Amber you can be a hand full.", He said as he tucked me into bed. "I know but you love me anyways that's why you're my bestfriend.", I said in a drunken slur. "Yeah I do love you now get some rest I'm going to take a shower." "Leave the light on till you get back." "Of course.", He said kissing me on the forehead.

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