I'll Always Be Here...

This story is about a girl named Amber she is best friends with Liam,Niall,Harry,Louis,and Zayn. She has known Liam for a very long time,and has very strong feelings for him....will they end up together?


2. I'll Always Be Here

  The next day I guess we just decided to be lazy bums since we layed around half of the day. Well then Niall and I got hungry so everyone else went out to get us some food. "So Amber I haven't really talked to you since we got back.", Niall said breaking the silence. "I know I feel like it's been forever since we actually talked to each other...sorry." "It's okay...I mean since you like Liam and everything it's only natural for you to pay more attention to him.", He said as a big grin came across his face. "Umm....what makes you think I like Liam?" I was really trying to hide the truth but I mean I doubt Niall would tell anyone about it. "Uh at the beach yesterday duh." Well I guess I'll just tell him because it doesn't seem like he's going to give up on this one. "Well just please don't tell him I really don't want him to know." "I won't I promise." Well I mean I trust Niall but just to be sure...."Pinky swear?" "Yes pinky swear!", he yelled as we crossed pinkies. "Guys we got the food!!", Haley yelled as she walked in the house. "Thank God I'm starving.", Niall and I said in unison. "And oddly that doesn't surprise me", Harry said as we all started laughing. "So what's the plan for today?", Louis asked. "Umm...what do you want to do Louis?", Zayn asked. "Well if I knew what I wanted to do I wouldn't have asked you guys?", Louis said with a sassy attitude. "Oooo let's go to an amusement park.", Kaitlyn said. "No you guys know I'm scared of roller coasters!", Haley protested. "Oh don't worry sweetheart Harry will take care of you.", Louis teased. "Shut up Louis what's that even supposed to mean!", Harry exclaimed. "Oh nothing.", Louis answered laughing as he walked off. "Okay I guess we can go.", Haley said dragging herself up the stairs. After we all got dressed we got in the car and left. 


"Uh guys I don't know about this why don't you go ahead I'll wait here.", Haley said trying to get out of it. "It's okay Haley I'll get on with you.", Harry said putting his hand on Haley's shoulder. "I told you he would take care of you.", Louis said teasing them both. "Okay I guess I'll get on.", Haley said completely ignoring Louis' comment. After we rode all of the "scary" rides we got on the farris wheel. Haley loved farris wheels so this would have been fun for her.

Haley&Harry's seat:"So Haley did you have fun today?", Harry asked trying to break the ice. "Yeah thanks for riding with me.", Haley said playfully nudging his shoulder. "You're welcome.", Harry answered blushing. "Did you have fun?" "Umm...yeah." "Oh that's good." So Haley is like crazy about Harry I guess it's the curly hair or maybe it's his green eyes. When things got really quiet  they looked around awkwardly, until Harry ruined the silence. "Haley I like you alot."Really?", Haley seemed a bit confused. "Yes and I have for a very long time." "Well if I would have known I would have told you I liked you too;Which I do.", Haley said as she played with Harry's hair. But Harry caught her by surprise when he caressed her face and gently kissed her. "Well I'm not gonna complain about that.", Haley said blushing. "Good I wouldn't want you to."

Niall&Kaitlyn's seat:"Kaitlyn!!!" Niall yelled. "What?" "Stop rocking the seat we could fall." "You big baby I'm just trying to have fun." "Oh yeah well this big baby just so happens to like you." "Really you like me?" "Uh...well...I mean yeah I was just too scared to tell you." "Why would you be scared to tell me that?" "Because you're beautiful and I'm...well I'm just me." "Oh Niall you are like the most beautiful man I've ever known and I can't believe that you think I'm beautiful.", Kaitlyn said with a big smile as she hugged Niall as tightly as she could. "Well that wasn't so hard I'm happy you feel the same as me." 

Mine&Liams seat:"Well these have been the best two days ever and I'm happy I get to spend them with you Liam." "Really?" "Yeah I mean since my mom passed away you guys are really all I have." "Well you don't have to worry about me leaving you alone I'll always be here for you no matter where you are or what you need.", Liam said making me feel like he really did care about me. "Thanks for being such a good friend Liam.", I said as I cuddled up to him. When we left it seemed like everyone was a couple now;and I'm not gonna lie I was jealous...


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