I'll Always Be Here...

This story is about a girl named Amber she is best friends with Liam,Niall,Harry,Louis,and Zayn. She has known Liam for a very long time,and has very strong feelings for him....will they end up together?


1. I've Missed you.

"Girls come on we're already late!!!" ,I yelled up the stairs to Haley and Kaitlyn. We were supposed to meet our friends at the beach,and we were 20 minutes late. "Coming!",Haley yelled to me. Kaitlyn waked down stairs first wearing short blue jean shorts with her bikini and a cute t-shirt over it. Haley trailed in right behind her in almost the same thing. Me on the other hand I'm like deathly afraid of water so I don't even own a swimsuit, so I decided I'd just wear some cute shorts and a cropped top.

       So with everyone ready we headed out to the beach. On the way there we talked about how excited we were to see the boys. Since they became famous we don't see them much anymore. I've known Liam since we were little kids,and after him and the boys got together he introduced me to them,and in return I introduced them to my friends Haley,Kaitlyn,and Jessica. After we pulled into the beach and parked we started looking for the boys. Then suddenly I saw Liam from a distance,next thing I know I'm running across the beach after him. "Liam!!" I yelled before he could have a full reaction I jumped on him giving him the biggest hug I could. "Whoa there Amber you almost gave me a heart attack.",Liam said laughing. "Haha sorry",I replied giving Harry,Louis,Niall,and Zayn great big hugs. "I'm sorry guys it's just that I've missed you so much.", I explained to them. "So did Haley and Kaitlyn come also?",Harry asked as he looked around. "Oh there they go." I heard Niall say pointing toward the girls. "What took you two so long?",I asked. "Well ya know Amber it's kinda hard when you're wearing flip flops.",Haley said being a smart ass. After we all caught up everyone but me and Niall went swimming. So we just had a long talk, Zayn was good for those. 

"So how you been?",I started the conversation.

"Good so far I mean I've had ups and downs but I can't complain;How have you been?",He sounded concerned.

"I've been okay I guess...I mean I just miss you guys being here;the girls aren't the same as you guys are I can talk to you about everything but not them they're different."

"Well we missed you too you were really all we could talk about when we weren't talking about our moms." He said with a smile. For a little while we just sat there laughing at how funny everyone looked while they were running around in the water. "Hey I'll be back I'm going to call Jessica." "Okay that's cool" Jessica was my best friend and his girlfriend of a year so I didn't care if he ditched me to call her. Besides this gave me time to think, but all I could think about was Liam. I had liked Liam for a long time like since 8th grade year. He's just so sweet to me and people in general. He had the biggest brown eyes I'd ever seen, and his personality was amazing. But the problem is he's like my best friend, and I doubt that he would like me, I'm not pretty and he could have any girl he wanted.

Liams P.O.V: Wow I'm so happy to be here seeing Amber,I haven't seen her in like 6 months. I almost forgot what she looked like or even the sound of her voice. I just wish we would have chosen a better place to hang out since she's scared of water, starting to realize this was a bad idea. "Dude stop drooling and talk to her.",Niall said jokingly to me. "And may I ask just what on earth you're talking about?" "Well it's really obvious that you like Amber." "No I do not she's my best frien how could I possibly have a crush on her?" I said in a non-convincing tone "Whatever you say lad;Why don't you just tell her how you feel?" "I'll tell Amber how I feel when you tell Kaitlyn how you feel." "What?!" "Yeah I went there.",I said as I walked away so I could talk to Amber. My goodness she looks beautiful today,I just don't know what it is.


Oh yay Liams coming this way. "Hey there stranger.",He said nudging my shoulder. "Oh hey you look like you're having fun." "Yeah...are you having fun?" "I mean my idea of fun isn't watching you guys have fun.",I said shrugging my shoulders. "Oh...well I'm sorry we didn't really think this through it was kind of a last minute thing." "It's okay I'm just happy to see you guys that's all that matters to me." "Hey lets go hang out with everyone else.",Liam said as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. The rest of the day we just kind of sat around at the beach and talked until it started getting dark. After we left the beach we went to the house for dinner,and piled on the couch for a scary movie that Niall picked out. Halfway into it Haley and Kaitlyn went to the guest room to sleep,because Haley got scared. Then at the end of the movie me and Liam finally noticed that everyone was asleep in their rooms. So Liam and I went up to his room and got ready for bed. Me and Liam always slept in his bed when I came over it was normal for us. "So did you have fun your first day back?",I asked as I crawled in bed next to him. "Yes thanks to you.",He said kissing my forehead. "Ha you're welcome.",I said as I cuddled up to him. "Umm...Liam do you think the boys,you,and I will be able to keep this up,like you know being friends and hanging out like we do now?" "Of course don't worry.",He said wrapping his arms around me tightly,the next thing I know we fall asleep peacefully throughout the night.

A/N: This is my first story so if it sucks I'm sorry:) 

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