Dear Diary

I was at the train station.... My dad wanted me to find a reasonable price.... I looked in Italy and they where soooo expensive..... So he was sending me back to the UK....... and Ireland, Mexico, California, Illinois (Chicago).... The list goes on and on....
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10. (Poem) Real Me

Real Me:
I'm all smiles, gigles and laughs. When I first meet someone.
When we are best friends they know about me not cheesy smile me, but the girl that is dark with light rarely ever shinning threw.
Me that has real problems too...
Not just some kid that goes to a fancy "rich-kid" school (I'm not even rich!!) I'm still the same girl as last year... Real me is tears, laughs, secrects and hugs.
Authors note: I made that before so it's a real poem by me.
Just because I got into a school that you have to a lot of money for, doesn't mean that I think I'm better than anyone else.
Now it's 5:30 we land in 30 minutes... I have to go through secureity..... Then I go to Bart, then the flat.
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