Dear Diary

I was at the train station.... My dad wanted me to find a reasonable price.... I looked in Italy and they where soooo expensive..... So he was sending me back to the UK....... and Ireland, Mexico, California, Illinois (Chicago).... The list goes on and on....
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9. Plane ride

Now I'm in the plane and I'm going to write about some things....

Did I tell you that my parents (dad and step mom) kept there engagement a secrect? They kept it a secrect for 6 months. Im still kind of mad about it.... Getting married is a happy thing, well it's supposed to be.
One day I walked into the kitchen to get food and then I heard Sequoia (evil step mom) and my dad talking.

Sequoia: What are we going to put in the court papers?
Dad: well we should wrote this.
He writes something down on a peaice of paper.
Sequoia: Ya that's a good statement
Me: COURT?!?! You just don't want me to move with Auny Mary do you!?!?
Dad: That's not true
Me: *runs to room* I hate you! And I always will!! *slams door, crys into hands* *wispers* I hate my life can't wait till im 18.
I seriously thought about cutting my self, but I have to stay strong.
I hate that he is actually trying to get me to stay with him... It's not that I don't love him it's just I know something that he did, he knows that I know but he's always like "What are you talking about?" it's just really annoying.
Now it's 2:30AM and I can't fall asleep! Plane seers are uncomfortable. I think I am going to write a small poem.
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