Dear Diary

I was at the train station.... My dad wanted me to find a reasonable price.... I looked in Italy and they where soooo expensive..... So he was sending me back to the UK....... and Ireland, Mexico, California, Illinois (Chicago).... The list goes on and on.... -------------------- Plz read my other story True Love :)


4. Morning

Dang it! It's 5:01, I wanted to wake up at 8:15, so i could get enough sleep :( 'Oh well'

I grabbed my iPhone 4S so  i could see where i was writing, i use my phone sometimes as a flash light. I didnt want it to be too bright, cuz if its too light it might wake up dad,  so it wasnt THAT bright. I found my headphones on the floor, i picked them up and listened to 'I want' by One Direction. Now I'm going to stop writing and listen to 'I want' muliple times intill i fall asleep.......

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