Dear Diary

I was at the train station.... My dad wanted me to find a reasonable price.... I looked in Italy and they where soooo expensive..... So he was sending me back to the UK....... and Ireland, Mexico, California, Illinois (Chicago).... The list goes on and on.... -------------------- Plz read my other story True Love :)


11. London

We landed on time. Went through security. Now I'm at the flat. I have a very small bed, one bathroom, and a very very very small kitchen. No microwave, no stove only fridge. What's up with that? You kinda need a microwave and stove to heat up your food... Oh well I'll just eat out. It's 7:00 and I still haven't unpacked -.- . So I'm gonna do that now.
Well it's 12:00PM and I fell asleep on my suit case, and didn't unpack anything... And now I'm too lazy to do it.... Ugh.... Today I'm supposted to go to the bank and deposit $300 dollars for clothes, gotta have em'. I'm also supposed to get something for Sequoia.... Maybe I'll just get her some shoes that are MY size and say I didn't say I didn't know... But that would be mean... But then again that once so it would just be "getting even". I also have to get dad something, maybe a shirt that says 'Newly Wed' but I think that's a girl thing.
I think he would probabaly like a shirt or something or maybe tennis shoes, but that's not really a good suvinear for a man. Well that's what he says and it honestly gets really annoying. How expensive will it be? I just remeberd that they have pounds in England. But I don't really know how to callcuate pounds and dollars so I will just ask someone or the bank will Proabaly tell me. I think it's two dollars per pound, but I'm not sure at all. I will find out soon enough.
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