Dear Diary

I was at the train station.... My dad wanted me to find a reasonable price.... I looked in Italy and they where soooo expensive..... So he was sending me back to the UK....... and Ireland, Mexico, California, Illinois (Chicago).... The list goes on and on....
Plz read my other story True Love :)


2. Going Home

Finally I saw my dad........ He didn't see me, and he DIDN"T know i had a dairy I put it in my bag and said

"Hi Daddy." I waved

"Hi Princes" He walked towards me "How was your trip? Did you find any places?"

"Um.......Well no...... No REASONABLE prices"

He frowned "Ok, well can you go to the UK?"

"Ya". I smiled..... I wanted to see the Olympic stadium even though the Olympics where over. We walked to the car, I jumped into the front set "So, hows Sequoia?" He jumped in the car. "Oh Sequoia...... She's fine...."

"Cool!" By 'cool' I meant like 'ok'

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