Should I? No...

Faith finds out a very life changing thing. She doesnt know whether to tell the people she loves like her boyfriend Louis or her brother Bryan or not. Bryan is off at college and Louis is about to go on tour. She doesnt know, she thinks she is a pest so she decides to go on an adventure herself. Which leads to many different crazy events!


9. chapter 9

"Louis. Louis! Louis stop!" I yelled while running over to Louis and grabbing him by the arm. "What the fuck do you want?!" Louis said yelling at me with pure hate and anger. "Im so sorry... I thought you were getting back with Kat so I was just trying to get over you. I love you Lou." I said while tears started running down my face. "Yeah well thats not good enough we are DONE!!" Louis yelled at me I backed away slowly. I was complete and utter shock.

I watched as Lou stormed off into our room. Well now his room. "YOU KNOW WHAT LOUIS FUCK YOU!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU!!" I yelled while the tears came down fatser and I stood at the door pouding on it. "LET ME GET MY STUFF NOW!!" I screamed while kicking the door. It suddenly swung open and I was falling when I fel Louis strong arms catch me. It felt good to be in his arms again, for the last time. He pulled me up and then I backed away. He then grabbed my arms tight and I screamed in pain. "LET GO NOW!!" I screamed Louis let go in suprise I pulled my hand towards me and started crying oh I was in so much pain. Louis looked at me and then my arm he pulled my sweatshirt sleave up and looked shocked. I yanked my arm away and turned my back on a stunned Lou. "Wha-why Faith?" Louis said while pulling me to face him he grabbed me by the waist. "You! You dont know how much it broke my heart to hear that you were walking out on me to go see you ex!" I shouted while pushing him away and grabbing my stuff. "Faith I am so so sorry.." Louis said while looking into my eyes while tears started to stream down his face. "Yeah whatever." I said while walking out and looking at the boys who were just staring. I looked at them with sympthetic looks and then sighed and shrugged my shoulders. My hands were full of clothes and my bathroom neccesities. "Where can I put my stuff?" I asked while looking at each of the boys faces. "My room." Zayn said while pointing to his room I smiled and walked into his room. It was suprisingly clean and neat I out my clothes on the floor and folded them. I then got to Louis shirt. I threw it in the trash.

"Need any help?" Zayn said while peeking into his room. "No im good but its your room you come in if you want Zayn." I said while getting up and putting my stuff in my suitcase. "Your not leaving right?" Zayn said while grabbing both my hands in his. I shook my head no and he let out a sigh of relief.

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