Should I? No...

Faith finds out a very life changing thing. She doesnt know whether to tell the people she loves like her boyfriend Louis or her brother Bryan or not. Bryan is off at college and Louis is about to go on tour. She doesnt know, she thinks she is a pest so she decides to go on an adventure herself. Which leads to many different crazy events!


6. chapter 6

"EWWW GET A ROOM!!!" Zayn shouted as Louis lead us into the living room we didnt stop our kiss Louis then walked me up to his room. I was playing with his perfectly quiffed hair while Louis was holding each of my legs slowly moving his fingers up and down. He was on the second case of stairs I broke our kiss to kiss Louis neck. I heard him moan and I smiled at the pleasure I was giving him. Then we reached his room and he opened the door and then slammed it behind us. He threw me gently onto the bed and layed on top of me while kissing my neck. "Louis........." I said while jumping up Louis rolled over and put his hand in his hair and coughed."Sorry.." He said while pulling a strand of hair away from my face. "No Louis im dizzy." I said while laying down Louis came up and wrapped his strong arms around me and started singing kiss you to me.


"NO LOUIS STOP STOP!" I yelled Louis wouldnt stop he kept on fingering me.


"NO LOU!!!" I screamed Louis ran over I shot out of bed tears streaming down my face. I pulled my knees up to my chin. "Whats wrong??!!" Louis said while running pver and sitting next to my he pulled me close and I winced in fear. "I had a a a dream..." I said while looking down and wiping tears from my face. "About." Louis said while rubbing my back. "You....You wouldnt stop fingering me and I was in so much pain you were like the man who well you know.." I said while shaking trying to calm myself. "Oh honey if we ever got intimate and you wanted me to stop I would I really would boobear. Dont be scared I would never do such a thing." Louis said while tears started to stream down his face. He pulled me close and rocked me back to sleep.

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