Should I? No...

Faith finds out a very life changing thing. She doesnt know whether to tell the people she loves like her boyfriend Louis or her brother Bryan or not. Bryan is off at college and Louis is about to go on tour. She doesnt know, she thinks she is a pest so she decides to go on an adventure herself. Which leads to many different crazy events!


4. chapter 4

"Lou I dont feel so good." I said while looking at Louis who focused on the road with a worried expression. "Maybe your just getting car sick love." He said while giving me a reassuring smile, I nodded and looked out my window. When we finally got there I saw all the screaming fans which made me feel even more sick to my stomach. "Ok Im going to lead you in and then go sign some photos. You alright babe?" Louis said while seeing my expression I grabbed my stomach in pain. Louis looked at me with worried eyes. "Im fine." I said while getting out I was stunned by the flashing of cameras and the screaming girls shouting Louis name. I tried to only focus on Louis touch and trying to get in but suddenly I felt myself get jerked back I lost Louis hand in the crowd. I was suddenly being dragged in a pair of strong arms I screamed and tried to get away but it was no use. "Listen bitch you give me what I want and ill be done." The husky voice said I stood there with shaky hands I did the only thing that came to mind scream Louis name. "LOUIS!!! LOUIS!!" I yelled then I felt a big hand hit me across the face my cheek suddenly stinging with pain I yelped at the pain. "Drink this!" The voice said he put it up to my lips and I shut my lips tight. "Drink it or I will hurt that pretty little boy you came in with." He laughed an evil laugh at the end which made me feel sick inside I instantly chugged down the drink so I could protect my Boobear. Then..... Everything was one bug blurr.....

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