Should I? No...

Faith finds out a very life changing thing. She doesnt know whether to tell the people she loves like her boyfriend Louis or her brother Bryan or not. Bryan is off at college and Louis is about to go on tour. She doesnt know, she thinks she is a pest so she decides to go on an adventure herself. Which leads to many different crazy events!


2. chapter 2

I saw Lou sit down as he did he glanced over and saw all the seats were taken. I was awkardly standing there just looking at the ground. Louis caught my attention and he motioned for me to sit on his lap. I joyfully pranced over and sat on his lap and he pulled me close. "I love you babe." Louis said while kissing my cheek. "I love you so much Lou." I said while gently kissing his sweet luschious lips. I heard the doorbell and jumped up and went to get the door I only saw Amber no Lux. "Wheres my Luxy?" I said sadly Louis came over he had no shirt on they all were shirtless they always walked around shirtless. "Wheres my baby?" Lou said while looking around trying to see if Lux was coming. "Well Chad wants to bring her but thanks for the offer! Bye!" Amber said while running to the car. "Awww Lou it looks like we will have to make our own baby!" I said laughing at Louis wide eyes expression. "Im just kiddng babe!" I started laughing and Louis shook his head. "Maybe we should." Louis said while picking me up and kissing me deeply. "THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE HERE!" Aubrie shouted Louis put me down and I blushed deeply and looked down. I heard Aubrie giggle and I looked up to find Aubrie and Harry kissing deeply I heard Aubrie moaning and moving her hips. I looked at the boys who were akwardly looking around. "OTHER PEOPLE ARE HERE!!" I shouted giggling and sitting on Harrys lap so they couldnt kiss. Aubrie blushed as Harry laughed and hugged me from behind. "Yo its Bryan im coming in!" Shouted my brother I jumped up and had a big smile on my face. "Brother!!!" I said while running up to him and hugging him, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the couch. I hate to admit it but he was a pretty attractive lad. Black hair crystal blue eyes a magnificent smile, he had a girlfriend but shes a hoe. I dont judge, ok ok I do but still she sleeps with other guys and Bry doesnt even care! It pisses me off. "Faith?" I was suddenly jerked from my thoughts when Lou looked at me worried. "You ok?" Louis said while picking me up, I suddenly felt dizzy and light headed I shot up off the couch. "Whoa..." I said while falling into Louis arms, he picked me up and carried me to my bed. "Babe stay here, chill." Lou said while walking out, I got up and walked out of my room Louis was hiding behind the door and jumped out when I walked out. He picked me up and put me over his arm, I squeled. "I knew you werent going to listen!" Louis said giggling and throwing me onto the bed he then attacked me and we play wrestled. I put myself on top of him each leg on each side of his lap. We were holding hands and looking into each others eyes. "Whoah whats going on in here?!" Harry said while winking at us and then shutting the door slowly. I blushed and looked down at Louis toned skin. He was so muscular ah he sooooooo gorgeous, the best part is hes mine, all mine no one elses.

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