Should I? No...

Faith finds out a very life changing thing. She doesnt know whether to tell the people she loves like her boyfriend Louis or her brother Bryan or not. Bryan is off at college and Louis is about to go on tour. She doesnt know, she thinks she is a pest so she decides to go on an adventure herself. Which leads to many different crazy events!


14. chapter 14

"Cmon hurry up!" I shouted while I heard Jacob speed up we both looked at each other and I sped up. I was gliding across the plains I knew we were close because my nose could smell Liams cologne. I stopped when I noticed Jacob wasnt behind me. "JACOB?!?!" I yelled while running back into the darkness. "Jacob..?" I said then suddenly I felt a burst of pain shoot through my back as I slowly noticed someone or something was on my back I snarled and turned around. I didnt even see who it was before attacking it was a human not a wolf. "ITS ME JADE CALM DOWN OUCH YOUR HURTING ME JADE STOP!!" Jacob screamed I imediatly stopped my eyes softened as I looked at a petrified Jacob. I transformed to a human. "Jacob.... Im so sorry." I said while looking at the gash I gave him on his shoulder. "Its fine I guess I deserved it." He said while getting up I nodded in sympathy. "We need to keep going I was on to Liams scent." I said while transforming back into Jade the pure white blue eyed wolf.

We were running and talking and laughing I like Jacob hes amazing and sexy. I know I love Louis but seriously Jacobs the only guy ive seen in like awhile. "You know your one beautiful wolf." Jacob said while looking at me I looked at him and then looked at the palins ahead of us. "Thanks. Your not so bad yourself." I said while picking up pace slightly.I loved the feeling of running full speed with the wind blowing through my hair. Well now its my coat, I honestly liked being a wolf. I got a big snigg of Harrys scent and then Louis and then of Zayns. I started running faster and faster. Then I stopped about acouple feet away from Louis and the others. "MY BOYS!" I yelled I let out a howl and ran to them. They looked at me with fear. Louis and the others were frozen in fear. "Jade your still a wolf." Jacob said while walking out in his human form. "Who are you?" Louis said while looking at me and then Jacob. "Im Jacob you must be Louis." Louis shook his hand slowly in confusion. I then transformed into a human. "The hell? Faith?" Louis said while running over to me. "LOUIS!!" I shouted while hugging him he picked me up and crashed his lips into mine.

I then heard something growling in the bushes. I looked at Jacob who looked over and nodded telling me that its those wolves again. "Louis.. Boys go.. Go into the car lock the doors." I said while pushing them into the car all of them. "No. Im not leavning yo-" Louis said but I interupted him. "GO NOW!" I shouted Louis obeyed and they sat in the car watching me and Jacob. We were still in our human forms. Then two big wolves walked out. They growled and snapped the air. "We can take them!" Jacob said I laughed and nodded. "We only want the boys!" One said I looked over at the boys gave them a smile and then transformed. I heard the boys saying stuff and in shock. I would  be too. "You will have to go through me before you touch the boys!" I growled and walked forward with my back arched my tail swishing back and forth. Suddenly one of them was on top of me and biting me on the neck, the kill area. "FAITH!" Louis screamed while getting out of the car. I shot up and growled. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU LOU!!! GOOOO NOW IN THE CAR!!" I screamed Louis just stood there. "Mmm dinner!" The one who was on me said before lunging towards Louis..

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