Good Luck Charm (Book 1)

“3…2…1…” I told myself and flung open the door. No one was there, that was strange. I stepped outside to see if they were hiding behind one of the bushes, but tripped on something, I nearly fell down the stairs. Good think they invented railings, or I wouldn’t have had a firm grip on anything... “Perrie… you have a little bit more to worry about..." Danielle slowly said as she looked at the ground. There, on the ground was a large package, which looked full of something. On the outside it was clearly marked in thick, red marker: Leave the boys alone! If you contact them, I will hurt you.


6. What to do?

Amber’s point of view

                “Should we tell the boys?” I asked an hour later. We were all on the air mattresses shaking and in near tears. Breakfast was forgotten, we were all too scared.

                “You read the note,” Perrie said. “I don’t want any of us to get hurt… or the boys.”

                “Wow! What a way to burst our bubbles,” Danielle murmured as she was fidgeting with her hair brush.

                “It was the perfect morning.”

                “I know…” Eleanor muttered. “Did we all get the same package on our doorsteps?”

                “Yes...yes you did,” Sam (my body guard) said as he came into the room. “I’ve talked and thought it over for a while and came to this conclusion: you have to go on tour with the boys until this is all cleared up.” It took a moment for us all to understand this. A day ago we were saying goodbye to them, knowing we wouldn’t see them in a few months, but now we were being told we could see them again? I didn’t know if I should be happy, or sad.

                “Wouldn’t that be more risky? I mean there isn’t as much security on the road… is there?” I asked, as I felt Eleanor’s arm go around my shoulder.

                “Don’t say it’s a bad idea! We’re gonna see the boys!” Perrie exclaimed cheerfully and then smiled.

                “Don’t get too excited. We found a tour bus for you girls, and to put it simple… the bus has seen better days. It’s a bit old fashioned, but we can fix it up and modify it as we go.”

                “Okay…” Danielle tried to process the information for a moment. “How long do we pack for?”

                “A month or so... maybe more. It depends how it goes over here,” Sam answered with a shrug. “The plane leaves at Five this afternoon… we will drop you girls off at your homes and then pick you girls up at one, got it?” We all nodded, not too sure of how to feel about the situation.


Authors Note: Hey guys! Sorry it's a bit of a short chapter... please comment and tell me what you think so far. Do you prefer longer or shorter chapters?

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