Good Luck Charm (Book 1)

“3…2…1…” I told myself and flung open the door. No one was there, that was strange. I stepped outside to see if they were hiding behind one of the bushes, but tripped on something, I nearly fell down the stairs. Good think they invented railings, or I wouldn’t have had a firm grip on anything... “Perrie… you have a little bit more to worry about..." Danielle slowly said as she looked at the ground. There, on the ground was a large package, which looked full of something. On the outside it was clearly marked in thick, red marker: Leave the boys alone! If you contact them, I will hurt you.


7. Surrounded

Nialls Point of View

                I watched helplessly as the girls were drowned by the paparazzi. Whoever leaked that the girls were coming to America, I would kill. In the past 48 hours the girls had been through way too much.

                “Who leaked it?” Louis demanded as he came up beside me. “I will get them and I –”

                “I have no clue,” I replied and sighed. “I’ve got the same idea as what you want to do with them.” We watched closely. They had just gotten off their tour bus thirty seconds ago, and they were already stranded.

                “Will they be safe with us? Security ain’t that tight here on the road.”

                “Yes… they should be.” To be honest, I had no clue. I only said yes to comfort Louis… and myself. Both of us were overprotective of our girlfriends when sometimes it was our privacy we should be worrying about. “The culprits are stalkers… they knew the girls were spending the night at my house. It’s safer here too, because the people will have to get through me to hurt my Amberger, Dani, El or Perrie.”

                “Same here, Nialler,” Louis replied in a monotone voice, obviously paralysed by the sight of the girls helpless. “Want to greet then? Distract the fans and paparazzi?”

                “Paul said we aren’t allowed,” I sighed. Sam said the threat seemed real. In the package which the girls go were pictures of the girls with cruel words written all over in the same red marker. I would do anything to take the pain away from Amber. She was already way to self-conscious, calling herself fat and ugly, piling on makeup whenever she went outside. It wasn’t fair to her. She said she felt unworthy and that I should choose someone else to be my boyfriend. This was the last thing she needed.


Danielle’s point of view

                As soon as we got off of the bus, we were surrounded. I frantically reached for the hand of one of the girls. I grasped Amber’s. I looked around, where were the others? All I could see was screaming fans and nosey paparazzi.

                “Where are the others?” I yelled in Amber’s ear. Our body guards were still on the bus, which we were now separated from.

                “I don’t know!” She yelled back. I could hear she was holding back tears. I was too, but I refused to show it.

                “Okay!” My heart was pounding and I started to sweat. I reached for my cell phone and peered on the screen. Perrie and El had already sent a text as to where we were. The cameras’ flashing was blinding, even though we were wearing sun glasses.

                “Should we stay or move?” Amber yelled in my ear. I had no clue. I had only been in a situation like this with Liam, and then he knew exactly what to do. But we weren’t separated. It was the paparazzi we were surrounded by.

                “Move,” I opted with a slight hesitation. If we moved more into the crowed, there was less chance of being helped by security.

                “You sure?”

                “No…” I unlocked my phone and sent a quick text to Liam: Trapped – stay/go?

          It took a few seconds for Liam to respond and say go. “Okay! Liam said yes!” I told Amber. Which way? I asked him then, and it took a few more seconds for him to respond. Perrie and El were to our right, and the hotel was behind us. All we had to do was find the bus and follow it around after we got the others…


Louis’ Point of view

                “Why can’t we get to them?” I asked nervously, angrily pacing the floor. I had stopped watching the crowd. I couldn’t bear to see it. Harry had joined us in the rom.

                “It’s okay, bro,” Harry said as he put his hand on my shoulder. “Security will find them, Paul already told our body guards to go search.”

                “Thanks, Hazza, but I still worry. What if they get hurt? I don’t want them to get hurt…”

                “None of us do.”

                “That doesn’t help,” I pointed out. An idea than came to me. What if I phoned El? “I’ll phone her.” I pulled out my phone to see at least a dozen texts from her. Great…

                “Lou! That you?!” Eleanor answered in a small voice.

                “Yes, love, it is. Just stay calm, ok? I can’t get to you, but security is trying. I think I heard they’d call the police just to get everything under control.” I heard other voices of reporters and screams on the phone. It was all jumbled up, but I could still catch phrases. I promised myself I’d take Eleanor somewhere special that night after the concert.

                “I’m scared… Perrie is with me… But we can’t find Amber or Dani.”


Perrie’s point of view

                Eleanor was on the phone to Louis, and I couldn’t get a hold of Zayn. I was terrified. How long would it take for security to reach us?

                “Ok…” Eleanor spoke into her phone. “Uh-ah… I love you too… I understand…” I could see the longing in her eyes as she talked.

                “Excuse me! Coming through!” That was a familiar voice…

                “El! I hear someone!” I shouted in her ear.

                “Of course you do,” She replied. “There are people everywhere…” but then she caught on… “Who?”

                “I think a girl…”

                “Excuse me! Perrie! Eleanor!” There it was again! It was hard to see where it was coming from, but I thought I had an idea.

                “I think it’s coming from there!” I excitedly pointed to me left. There, soon enough came a terrified Amber and Danielle, nearly pushing down a reporter in the process. Eleanor and I quickly gave them a hug.

                “How did you know where we were?” I yelled at Amber, very relieved but yet still scared.

                “Liam told us,” Danielle said. “Now… he said we find the bus and follow it to the behind, and then straight. That should lead us to the front door. We’ll hold hands again so we won’t get lost.” Danielle took complete control, and of that I was glad.  I was about ready to break down in tears just because I was so scared.

                We quickly found the bus, and followed it around. As we got behind the bus, we heard more of the fans screaming. It was deafening. Looking up to the window, I saw why, Zayn was waving out the window with Harry beside him. Though, I could see that they were looking for us. When he saw us, his eyes lit up and my heart melted. I couldn’t wait to give him a huge hug and get this huge burden of being trapped off of my shoulders.

                Still, we didn’t see any security.

                “I see Zayn!” Danielle called into her phone to Liam. We were all really happy, but scared. We still had to get through a sea of screaming fans to get to the front door of the hotel.

                Finally, out of nowhere a man, who I recognized to be Zayn’s body guard, broke through the crowd of girls to us. I breathed a sigh of relief.

                “I found them,” he spoke into his radio as he came up to us. “Is everyone okay? Anyone hurt?”

                “We’re all fine,” Eleanor spoke for all us in a voice that trembled. I could tell that we all couldn’t wait to hug our boyfriends.

                “Good… we just need to wait here until we get more people to help escort you girls. You scared us all!”

                “We had no clue this would happen,” I spoke with a shiver. No one knew this would happen, I knew, but I still couldn’t help blame myself for getting off of the bus first.

                “No one knew.” I felt Amber’s arm around my shoulder. It was strangely comforting, and I gave her a smile.

                “I probably look like a mess now…” I groaned as I felt my hair was out of place. No doubt my makeup was smudged and my fake eyelashes were falling off.

                “I bet we all do,” Danielle laughed. “It’s part of being famous.”

                “Famous for loving a guy,” Amber muttered. “Why are we famous because of the boys? In a way it seems like we’re using them…”

                “We’re not,” Eleanor assure Amber. “We just love the boys, and they love us back. I know, it’s weird we’re famous for that, but it’s the truth.” She laughed slightly.

                “Perrie! Perrie!” A voice from the screaming girls got my attention, I looked around and I thought I saw the girl who was calling my name. She looked young. “Perrie! Can I have your autograph?!” She called as she handed a piece of paper over with my picture on it.

                “Should we take autographs and talk to them?” I asked the girls. “We have to pass time somehow.” They agreed, and I went up to the girl cautiously, making sure I wasn’t going to be separated again. I took the paper and signed it.

                “How are you?” She asked. “My name is Jenny, by the way.”

                “Okay…” I said as I carefully put the words to Jenny on the page. “I’m okay… how are you?”

                “Excellent now that I’ve seen you!” the girl gave a high pitched scream to get out her excitement. I laughed.

                “Okay… here’s your signed picture.” I handed her the picture and went on to another one.

                Soon enough more security came, and my shaky hand got more confident as I went around signing autographs.

                “We’re good to go! Hold onto each other’s hands, and don’t get separated,” a security man instructed us. We all shakily held hands and made our way through the crowd. It was a slow process, but we eventually made it to the front door. My legs nearly gave way, but then I saw Zayn.



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