Good Luck Charm (Book 1)

“3…2…1…” I told myself and flung open the door. No one was there, that was strange. I stepped outside to see if they were hiding behind one of the bushes, but tripped on something, I nearly fell down the stairs. Good think they invented railings, or I wouldn’t have had a firm grip on anything... “Perrie… you have a little bit more to worry about..." Danielle slowly said as she looked at the ground. There, on the ground was a large package, which looked full of something. On the outside it was clearly marked in thick, red marker: Leave the boys alone! If you contact them, I will hurt you.


15. Niall?!

Danielle’s Point of View

                I pulled into the airport and parked. I was right in time for Niall’s flight. This was a complete surprise for Amber. In three days she hadn’t left the couch in Eleanor’s house. My heart truly went out to her, but I didn’t understand her reaction. I got lots of threats, but I brushed them off.

                Never mind. I got out of the car and walked up into the airport, pushing my glasses up closer to my eyes. My hair was thrown up into a messy bun, and it was super heavy. So far, no one had noticed me. Good.

                The airport wasn’t busy so I made it to security pronto. At first they wouldn’t let me through, but then I explained I was Danielle Peazer coming to pick up Niall Horan, and they reluctantly agreed. I made it to the gate Niall was going to come through pretty fast, sat on a seat and waited. While waiting I pulled out my phone and went on twitter.

                There was nothing that exited me except a few fans saying that they loved me, and others saying they hated me.

                Soon I heard the doors open, and Niall was the first one out. He ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. He actually looked really funny in an oversized sweater, baseball cap and hug fly-eye sunglasses.  I tried my best not to laugh as we went through customs and picked up his bag.


                Ambers Point of View

                “Here’s some more tea,” El offered as she came up to the couch with two mugs of tea. I accepted gratefully and made room for her.

                “Sorry for trashing your couch,” I apologized as I took a sip of it. Yummy… it was soo good.

                “It’s fine, anytime, Amber,” El responded with a smile and reached for the TV remote. “Anything in particular?”

                “Mmm…” I thought for a moment. “Horror,” I finally decided.

                “Right-o.” Eleanor got up and went to the TV cabinet and pulled out our favourite horror movie and put it in.

                I leaned back against the couch, and watched it. El soon joined me, but I fell asleep.



                “Mmm…. What????” I moaned, rubbed my eyes and turned around. I was Eleanor’s couch in her house… but what was that other voice? My mind was foggy.

                “Time to get up.”

                That voice was familiar! My heart pumped in excitement as my eyes followed up to Niall! “NIALLER!” I screamed and lunged into his arms. He nearly fell onto the coffee table, and laughed. Oh! I had missed that laugh soo much! I hugged him tighter, and then we shared a kiss on the lips. It was the best surprise ever!

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