Good Luck Charm (Book 1)

“3…2…1…” I told myself and flung open the door. No one was there, that was strange. I stepped outside to see if they were hiding behind one of the bushes, but tripped on something, I nearly fell down the stairs. Good think they invented railings, or I wouldn’t have had a firm grip on anything... “Perrie… you have a little bit more to worry about..." Danielle slowly said as she looked at the ground. There, on the ground was a large package, which looked full of something. On the outside it was clearly marked in thick, red marker: Leave the boys alone! If you contact them, I will hurt you.


11. I promise...

 Amber's Point of View               

“It’s not safe for you to be here,” Paul told Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie and I the next day. “The threats keep coming, and after Niall’s injury the fun and games are over.”

                “So, what do we do?” Eleanor asked.

 “You go back to London under security,” Paul said. “You flight leaves tonight. That’s it of the matter, I’m not budging.” Paul then left because his cell phone started to ring.

“Back to London?” I whispered. No… I couldn’t! I had to make sure no one hurt Niall! I quickly pulled on a sweater and left the hotel room to where Niall was hanging out.


Niall’s point of view

                “Are you kidding?!” I was agitated. Sometimes I didn’t like Paul at all, but it wasn’t like I was going to get a choice in the matter.

                “No… he said that!” Amber cried as she leaned towards me and cried in my chest. I turned off the TV, moved the bowl of popcorn and gave her a hug.

                “It’s gonna be okay… I’ll phone you every single day,” I promised her. “I’ll stay safe, and you stay safe. I will always love you, Amberger, I promise.”


                Amber’s point of view

                My carry-on bag was killing my shoulder, but I couldn’t take it off. I was crying too much, and I hugged Niall whenever I had the chance. The paparazzi were being their annoying old self flashing pictures; I guess that we’d be the next cover story.

                “Flight A-1DEl please board!” the PA system called.

                “I love you, Nialler. You’re my leprechaun… my Irish good-luck charm,” I said in his ear before I kissed him on the lips.

                “You have to go,” he whispered after a few seconds. “I will always love you, Amber. Don’t you ever forget that.”

                “I love you too,” I replied as I choked down tears. Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie were waiting for me. I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and sadly went to board the plane.


We were first class, but sadly there were plenty of fans on the plane. They kept asking about the boys, and we tried to ignore them, but couldn’t. The flight attendants asked if we could sign a few pictures for their daughters or family members, and we got pictures taken of us sleeping. It wasn’t the most pleasant plane ride ever.

                “I wish we didn’t have to leave,” Danielle mumbled as she took out her headphones.

                “Me neither.” I took out my headphones. The movie was getting boring anyway, and soon the breakfast would be served. “I wish I could just stay with Niall forever.” It was my dream that someday he would propose. Maybe soon, but I wouldn’t know. This was my last year of school, since I decided to drop out because of the distance, though I still had to complete grade eleven.

                “So could I, but I’ve got a dancing career too.” She took a sip of her water bottle. “It’s a hard balance to be sure.”


                Paparazzi surrounded the terminal as we walked into in London. Security had to assist us through to the baggage claim, and then to the awaiting limo.

                “Whew! Who knew that we would be this famous?!” Eleanor laughed as the door shut. “It’s crazy!”

                “Just because we love someone…” I sighed as I turned on my phone and phoned Niall.

                “Amberger!” He eagerly answered. I smiled; I could almost hear his voice. My eyes misted, even though I knew I had cried all my tears before.

                “Nialler!” I replied. “I miss you.”

                “Me too…” I could tell by his voice that he was eating. It was typical. “How was the flight?”

                “The worst flight ever! We were surrounded by fans and people who wanted pictures, autographs, everything!” I sighed. Looking around the spacious and comfy limo I saw that the others had also phoned their boyfriends. The interior of the limo was black with red, pink and orange highlights. It looked really cool. “I didn’t get a wink of sleep!”

                “Awww… you know I would be there with you if I could!”

                “I know… I know…” I looked out the window. We were on the main road and most likely I was going to get dropped off first. “How’s your head?”

                “The worst,” Niall grunted. “It hurts like crazy.”

                “I would kiss it better if I could.”

                “I know... but listen; I’ve got to go to an interview now. Love you, and I’ll call you back later.”

                “I love you too.” I sighed, this time change thing already wasn’t fun. “Okay… do you promise?”

                “I promise…”

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