Good Luck Charm (Book 1)

“3…2…1…” I told myself and flung open the door. No one was there, that was strange. I stepped outside to see if they were hiding behind one of the bushes, but tripped on something, I nearly fell down the stairs. Good think they invented railings, or I wouldn’t have had a firm grip on anything... “Perrie… you have a little bit more to worry about..." Danielle slowly said as she looked at the ground. There, on the ground was a large package, which looked full of something. On the outside it was clearly marked in thick, red marker: Leave the boys alone! If you contact them, I will hurt you.


13. Being Apart

                Niall’s point of view

                It took me a while to realize why I only heard Louis’ voice waking me up in the morning. Amber wasn’t there.

                “Wake up Niall!” Louis yelled as he banged on the hotel door.

                “What?! I’m up… I’m awake…” I took off my covers and pulled on a pair of dirty jeans and a white tee-shirt which had a spaghetti stain on it before opening the door.

                “About time,” Louis laughed. “You’re a mess!”

                “Considering I just woke up!” I shook my head, attempting to let my hair sort itself out. “Come inside, as I get ready you can tell me what the plans are today.” I opened the door wider and Louis came in, and sat on the bed.

                “It’s okay,” Louis laughed as he took a book on my nightstand. “Ooohh… a romance novel?” He shoved the book in my face as I went to my suitcase.

                “It’s Ambers… she asked me to read it.” I didn’t add more detail, there was no need to.  I took out a clean white polo tee-shirt and a pair of jeans and quickly took off the dirty clothes. Soon I was dressed and went over to the mirror where my hair stuff was. “What are we doing today?”

                “Interview and then the rest of the day off,” Louis explained.

                “Yay!” I loved having the day off, and I knew how I would spend it. “Do… are there any plans on how to spend the afternoon off?” I asked before I voiced my plans.

                “Nope… just downtime. We might watch a few movies together and eat junk food, but that’s it.” Louis replied as he flipped through the novel.

                “Good… cause I’m going to phone my Amber this afternoon.”


Eleanor’s Point of View

                I sighed as I read through my textbook, trying to catch up on what I missed. But I couldn’t concentrate, my mind was on Louis. I took my phone out of my pocket and sent him a text before going back to work. Maybe if he texted back it would be a good excuse for me not to do my homework. I felt my phone buzz.

Hey Love, miss ya too xxx just in an interview, call later??

Sure, Lou… love you xxx

I was disappointed that he couldn’t talk at that moment, so I sent a text to Amber.

Amber! I’m bored… want some ice cream? Okay, I admit, as a model I should be watching my weight a little more closely, but I didn’t really care at that moment. I needed a distraction!

Sure! Meet u in the usual spot in half an hour?

Yes! Cya then. I quickly slammed my book closed and walked out of my study and too my room. There I went to the walk-in closet and picked out a pair of skinny jeans and a pale pink tank-top. Perfect! I got dressed and throw on some high heels and do my hair in a messy bun before perfecting my makeup. You never know when you will see yourself on the front cover of a magazine!

                Twenty minutes later I was ready, picked up my car keys and my purse before running out of my front door. The car was parked right out front, so I quickly pounced in there before anyone noticed. London traffic wasn’t that heavy so I was at the ice cream place sooner than I expected. I still had a few minutes left so I found a parking spot and went inside.

                It was crowded. Great… I finally found a spot by the window which looked over the road. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but what choice did I have? While waiting I took out my phone and played a few games.


Ambers Point of View

                I thanked the taxi driver, paid him and went into the ice cream shop. It was crowded! Where was Eleanor? A quick search revealed she was right in the middle by the window. Great… we were bound to get noticed! I sat down across from Eleanor, and noticeably scared her.

                “Scared you, huh?” I laughed as she put her phone away.

                “No comment.”

                “Okay… what’s up?” I asked as I put my purse down and looked at Eleanor. She seemed distressed about something.

                “Nothing… I just couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork.” She sighed. “It’s hard, you know? Being away from them?”

                “I know,” I said, trying not to cry. I couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork either; Niall kept popping into my head. There was a silence as we both thought about our boyfriends. “Ice cream?” I asked after a few moments.

                “Yes please!” Eleanor’s face lit up. “Can you get me a triple chocolate with nuts?” She asked and handed me the money. I said yes with a laugh and went to order. I got myself a plain old vanilla, since I was a plain girl, but asked for lots of chocolate and caramel topping. I LOVED caramel! I paid and picked up the treats and carried them off to Eleanor. We ate and talked at the same time.

                When I finished eating I looked at my phone. Great!! I had to be at work in less than half an hour! “Sorry to run, El, but I need to go to work.” I picked up my garbage, grabbed my purse and left. On the way out, I threw the ice cream in the garbage before catching the city bus to my job. It wasn’t a long bus ride, and soon it was my stop. As I got off my phone buzzed meaning I got a text message. I was slightly confused, Niall knew I was at work now, and El knew I was on my way to work. Perrie and Danielle hardly ever sent me a text, instead they would call.

                I opened my screen and saw that it was an unknown number, but the text freaked me out. It said: Grrr… how many times do I have to say it?!?!?!?!? I’m not kidding; this is my last warning…

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