Hayden Green has a wonderful life. She lives alone in London, away from her divorced abusive Dad and depressed Mother. Five marvelous best friends and a loving boyfriend, could be added to that list. That is until she finds him sleeping with another women. Hayden is shattering day by day, month by month. She searches for that one person who will love her, and not break her. She believes her best mate Harry is that person, but boy was she wrong.


4. Tears


"OH MY GOD, WHERE DID HE GOO!" I screamed as I sobbed into my pillow. "Hayden, I'm right here. Don't cry, love!" I hear his deep, husky voice say softly. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES, WHAT THE HELL! WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!! YOU THINK I'M OKAY NOW THAT YOU COME BACK FROM YOUR MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURE? WHAT WERE YOU THINKI-" My knees grew week as my body racked with sobs, and I fell to the floor. Harry quickly picked me up and slid me into my bed. "Hayden, love, I'm sorry. But do you think I was going to let my best friend sit here and cry over that bastxxd?" he calmly whispers while rubbing soothing circles on my back with his hand. I realized what happened and got up to hug him. My head fell into the crook of his neck and his face found my hair. We have always hugged like this, ever since we were young. "Thank you, Haz." I whispered. "Hayden, I would do this for you even if you hated me. I will protect you always. So please don't cry, or I'll start getting emotional." "Mr. Tough Guy has a soft side, yeah?" I laughed and he shrugged smugly. "Give or take," he winked.

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