Hayden Green has a wonderful life. She lives alone in London, away from her divorced abusive Dad and depressed Mother. Five marvelous best friends and a loving boyfriend, could be added to that list. That is until she finds him sleeping with another women. Hayden is shattering day by day, month by month. She searches for that one person who will love her, and not break her. She believes her best mate Harry is that person, but boy was she wrong.


10. Released


Later in the week, Hayden was released from the hospital. Her concussion had healed, and her swollen eye had gone down. She was a fighter. She always had been, to be honest. She never gave up on herself. The first night she came home, she looked in the mirror and cried. A second or so later, she was saying to herself "no, no. you're strong. Stop crying." and that was the end of it. She never wanted to be alone, which I understood. "Harry?!" I heard her scream interrupt my thoughts. "I'm up here sweetie." Clumsy footsteps that started soft got loud as she got farther up the stairs until she was sitting on my bed. "Phew, I thought you left." "Never." I didn't hesitate to say that at all. "Harry, about next week.." she started. "Yeah, you're welcome to come on tour with me! The boys would be ecstatic! The-" "I want to stay here." I looked at her shocked. "O-oh! Okay. Are you sure?" "Positive" she said smiling. No Harry, convince her to come. She needs you. You need her. "Sounds good, I guess!" Idiot. "Cool! Can we go for ice cream?! I've been craving for it all day!" I laughed, "sure." I helped her find her hoodie and we got in my Range Rover. I pulled out of the driveway and drove to the grocery store. She squealed and got out, practically skipping. I laughed and we walked together. She looked at me, looked at the wagon and back at me with a devious smile on her face. Rolling my eyes chuckling, I lifted her by the waist into the wagon to the ice cream. We got a few strange looks but who cares. She threw her head back and laughed as I began to sped up. "EEEEK!" she yelled as I almost crashed. "HARRY!!" "Sorry love" I said while laughing hysterically. "What flavor should we get?"she asked as we walked past the different ice cream. "OH MY, CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE? YES!" We both said and laughed. It was like our tradition to always get chocolate brownie. She grinned and went to the register to pay. "Let's go eat this piece of heaven, Hazza!" "Sounds good!" I said as I got in the car and drove home.

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