Hayden Green has a wonderful life. She lives alone in London, away from her divorced abusive Dad and depressed Mother. Five marvelous best friends and a loving boyfriend, could be added to that list. That is until she finds him sleeping with another women. Hayden is shattering day by day, month by month. She searches for that one person who will love her, and not break her. She believes her best mate Harry is that person, but boy was she wrong.


7. Party


After Harry left, I decided to go take a quick shower and clean the flat before the boys came. I loved parties with the lads, they were always so fun. As I got out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and went over to my Mac. I logged on to Twitter and saw a mention from Harry. '@HaydenGrace is daddy's little girl being good? xx (:' I tweeted back to him, '@Harry_Styles no, wrecked the place. :o xx sorry, love' and closed my laptop. I slipped on a pair of light pink skinny jeans and a baby blue blouse with a pair of white toms. ( As I was hurriedly putting my long brown hair into a loose ponytail, the bell rang. I ran and opened the door, seeing four out of five of my be sties, One Direction. "AHHH!" I screamed and attacked them with hugs and kisses on the cheek. "HAYYDDENN! You look great!" Louis said as he smiled. "Thanks Lou, so do you. All of you!! Now come in, come in!" I smiled and gestured to the open space behind me. The boys all walked in single file which made me smile and I closed the door behind them. "Harry's not here, he went to get his stuff. He should be back any minute!" The group nodded and sat down at the kitchen bar. "His stuff? Is he-" Liam was interrupted by Harry barging in the door with a few big boxes. "HONEY, I'm HOMEE!" He laughed setting down the boxes near the door. "Hey boys!!" He yelled as he jumped on them. Aww, a group hug. How adorable. Zayn whispered something into Harry's ear and in response he was punched on the arm. They're so odd.. "So guys, if you didn't know already, I'm moving in with my bestiee!" He gave them a full on flashy smile wrapping arm around my shoulders. "Why?" Niall wondered making Harry frown. "Because dude, I am." Niall shrugged and went to the fridge. "HAYDEN! YOU'RE TAKING MY HAZZA AWAY!" Louis said sassily while fake crying. "Aw, Lou. You can have him. He's a mess!" I said while I ruffled the curly haired boys locks and stuck my tounge out at him. He mimicked my face. "Yay! Love you Hay" Lou said as he grabbed Harry and tackled him to the couch. "Do you guys want anything to drink?" "Maybe later, thanks though." The remaining boys yawned as they walked over to sit with Harry and Louis. Harry turned on the telly and a sex scene came on from a random film. "OOOOHHH, WHAT WERE YOU GUYS DOING LAST NIGHT?!" Zayn sang, getting a laugh from the boys and always, me. "Hey, if Harry and I want to have sex, then we are welcome to. Right, Zaynie?" I leaned in his face and gave him the infamous pouty lip that made him blush. I winked at him and walked over to sit by Niall. Each boys gaze turned to Harry and he cracked up laughing. "So do you guys want to watch a film?" Harry asked while standing up. "Yeah, sounds good!" Harry, of course, put in the Notebook and everyone groaned. "CURLY, NO!" I got up quickly and put on Batman. Zayn and Louis blew me a quick distracted kiss while Niall and Liam cheered. "Poor baby," I whispered in his ear while I walked into the kitchen. He turned and followed me. "You know Hay, you're really getting on my nerves." he smirked. "Am I?" I half smiled. "Good, that was my plan." He pinned me to the granite island that was blocked by cabinets from the living room. He stood there, staring at me. His green eyes, beautiful green eyes burning into my soul. His gorgeous cheeky smile plastered on his face. My heart skipped beats and I was practically turning into a puddle of putty. I lost myself in his eyes and he caressed the back of my neck, our faces moving closer. His sweet breath tingled my nose. Oh my god, what am I doing. He's my best friend! Relationship could lead to no friendship! I turned my head and sighed. "Harry, we ca-" I started but he just walked away without looking back. I was left against the counter, tears stinging at my eyes trying to come out. My thoughts were now a whirlwind and I wasn't thinking anymore. 


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