Hayden Green has a wonderful life. She lives alone in London, away from her divorced abusive Dad and depressed Mother. Five marvelous best friends and a loving boyfriend, could be added to that list. That is until she finds him sleeping with another women. Hayden is shattering day by day, month by month. She searches for that one person who will love her, and not break her. She believes her best mate Harry is that person, but boy was she wrong.


23. Disappear


When we got down to the pool, I had managed to collect myself. Niall, Zayn, and Liam were at five chairs, sipping a pink drink.

"Hi boys," I managed to smile at them and they greeted Lou and I. I sat down next to Niall, with Louis on my other side. I layed my towel on the chair, and plopped onto it. Louis kept looking around, as if searching for someone. "Looking for someone?" I giggled and he coughed. His eyes found a spot to look and he distractedly laughed.

"Actually, I have to use the washroom." he nodded and got up, prancing around toddlers that were playing on the pavement. I rolled my eyes and layed back on the towel. 

"Boys, right?" Niall said and I burst into laughter along with Zayn and Liam. He sounded so much like a girl it was hilarious. "What?!" Niall asked and we just nodded, wiping tears from our eyes. A waitress came and asked for drinks, I ordered a pink lemonade smoothie. The sun warmed my skin, making me smile. I forgot all about what took place ten minutes ago as I slowly drifted into sleep.

~30 minutes later~

I woke up to see Niall and Liam gone, playing in the pool. Zayn was relaxing in Niall's chair, getting some sun. Louis was no where in sight. "Lou's been gone for while, yeah?" I realized. Zayn nodded.

"Go look for him then." he replied and I got up, nervous. Where was Louis? I walked to the washroom and on the way, passed the bar. In the hallway of the washrooms, I saw Louis and he wasn't alone. He had a busty red head up against the wall, making out with her. "L-l-louis?" I didn't think it was him. It couldn't be. He looked up and I immediately felt tears burn my eyes. 

"Hayden? What the fxck, shxt." he walked over to me reaching an arm out. I pulled back, sobbing now.

"First Jake. Then Harry. Now you?.." I whispered slowly, tears pouring our of my eyes. 

"Hayden, I'm stupid, please. Come here." I nodded no and walked. 

"I can't Louis. Not anymore." Tears streaming down my face, I ran top the only place I knew.


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