Hayden Green has a wonderful life. She lives alone in London, away from her divorced abusive Dad and depressed Mother. Five marvelous best friends and a loving boyfriend, could be added to that list. That is until she finds him sleeping with another women. Hayden is shattering day by day, month by month. She searches for that one person who will love her, and not break her. She believes her best mate Harry is that person, but boy was she wrong.


13. Air


That kiss. It was wrong. I shouldn't have done that. I'm such an idiot. I need to get my mind of her. "Hazza let's play cards!" Lou whined from next to me. "Okay fine. But don't flip the cards everywhere if you lose like last time. The air hostess was really mad last time you did that!" He laughed, "I regret nothing." Smiling, I felt the cards and we played Blackjack for a while. After I won about seven times, Lou flipped all the cards into the isle. "Nice going, Lou! Pick them up!" The air hostess came running over, looking upset. "Please, pick these up now or I will have to discard them from you." "Sorry, love. Just having an intense game of Blackjack!" I laughed and so did she. Her laugh was beautiful. She was beautiful. "It's okay, just keep it under control!" She smiled at me and then Lou, and I can't believe I said this, "You do know you're breathtakingly beautiful, right?" She blushed and looked down at the floor before nodding, "Thank you." I ripped a piece of paper from a magazine in the seat pocket, and scribbled my number down. "I'd love to see you again. Call me?" and smiled widely at her. She nodded and slipped the paper into her pocket, walking away. "Are you CRAZY?" Niall whisper yelled at me. "No, are you?" "Harry! What about Hayden! We all know you fancy her. Don't try to hide it!" Liam whispers from in front of me. "They're right," Lou says. "Well no, they aren't because I don't fancy Hayden. Get your information correct, yeah?" I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling now actually. I need to spend time away from Hayden to see if it bothers or effects me in anyway. And that beautiful girl is the perfect way to do it. I know, it sounds bad. But I need to get over Hayden!

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