I finally found you

Meaghan is her name Megz is what they called her . Meaghan is a super funky loud 17 yr old that loves to dance , but when her parents plan to move to the UK her whole world starts transforming even when she finds out that her best friend Serena was moving to the uk with her . After a while of living in the uk Serena gets two concert and meet and greet tickets to ONE DIRECTION but meaghan wasn't a big fan of them but when she meets them one of the boys who's name is Niall falls in love with her .


1. On the move

Meaghans POV:

"MEAGHAN" said my mom yelling from downstairs , I came down with my stuff in one hand and luggage in the other , "ready to move to the uk?" she asked "oh I'm totally ready" I replied "where's dad?" I asked " I don't know" she said , " DAD!!!" I yelled he came running down the stairs with a lot of things in his hands "come on let's get to the airport" he said , the best part about this was that my BFF Serena was moving with us and she was already at the airport . When I saw her I jumped out of the car to go give her a hug and start squealing with her like a girlly girl , this was gonna be awesome I thought having my best friend moving with me was great , we got in to the airport and went to the immigration section where they scanned off our passports and everything then we went to the scanning machine , while waiting in line for the body checking I whispered to Serena "this is just so amazing" I said to her "this is gonna be awesome" she replied and I knew this was gonna be awesome , when I got my body checked I waited for my parents and Serena , when my mom came I said to her " mom? What is it like in the uk? I asked " I don't really know what life is like in the uk Hun" after that we just sat in silence waiting for the others to come. When they came back we started to head to our boarding number on the way me my mom my dad and Serena were blabbering about random stuff. It felt great to have her around . I mean she is my BFF some times she talks to much about this band named one direction , when we got on the plane that's where my new journey began
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