I finally found you

Meaghan is her name Megz is what they called her . Meaghan is a super funky loud 17 yr old that loves to dance , but when her parents plan to move to the UK her whole world starts transforming even when she finds out that her best friend Serena was moving to the uk with her . After a while of living in the uk Serena gets two concert and meet and greet tickets to ONE DIRECTION but meaghan wasn't a big fan of them but when she meets them one of the boys who's name is Niall falls in love with her .


4. Meeting one direction

Nialls POV:

"I wonder if I will ever see a pretty girl Louis" he said " Niall any girl would want to be with you" said Louis " and if you see a pretty girl today at the meet and greet you can tell us that you noticed a pretty girl" said Harry " and plus the concerts gonna be super crazy today" he added " I just hope I don't see any grandmas there " said Louis " hey you guys seen zayn or Liam" asked Niall " Liam's in the bathroom zayn is just doing something" replied Harry "or is he doing Liam" said Louis with a sly smile on his face " you guys are on in 5" said the stage manager " well we better be in position boys said Louis when zayn and Liam walked in then they all left to get on stage but first they had to go talk to 2 girls on the phone and after the concert they would get to meet them after talking to the girls they took their positions on stage and got ready to perform.

Meaghans POV:

There they were standing on stage they started to sing some of their songs and I liked their music I just wasn't a big fan of them , but they were really good live which was a good thing there are rarely singers with such a great voice and they were pretty good looking you know but the blonde boy was the one I paid most attention to and I'm guessing his name was Niall , there was something about him that got my attention but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Nialls POV:

Finally the concert was done and was so proud of myself , but now it was time to meet the 2 girls we talked to , so when they came backstage I wasn't there because I went to the bathroom to calm myself down when I went back to meet the girls one of them said " hi my name is Serena and this is my friend Meaghan" and she gestured her hands to the orange reddish haired girl who's skin was really fair and she had emerald colored eyes , I couldn't keep my eyes of her because I was stunned by her beauty and I knew from then on that I started to fall for her.
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