I finally found you

Meaghan is her name Megz is what they called her . Meaghan is a super funky loud 17 yr old that loves to dance , but when her parents plan to move to the UK her whole world starts transforming even when she finds out that her best friend Serena was moving to the uk with her . After a while of living in the uk Serena gets two concert and meet and greet tickets to ONE DIRECTION but meaghan wasn't a big fan of them but when she meets them one of the boys who's name is Niall falls in love with her .


8. Just a kiss

Nialls POV:

" what should I do to get her attention?" I asked the boys when I stopped at their room " who's attention?" Zayn asked " um....,meaghans attention" I said "AWWWWE Niall has a little crush on Megz" said Louis in a retarded voice " just tell her how you feel about her dude" said Liam " he's not a girl Liam that he discusses his feelings" said zayn Harry started laughing " you lads are no help" I said as I left. I was heading to the bathroom , while I passed by meaghans room I heard soft cries then I peeked in to see if everything was alright and then there she was sitting by the window and crying " what's wrong?" I asked her in a concerned voice she looked up with a surprised look on her face " it's nothing " she said answering my question " if it was nothing you wouldn't be crying by now" I said " you know you can tell me what's wrong" I added " I keep on thinking about my parents and it makes me feel sad" she told me , she told me everything about her life how there were sad and happy moments and some angry moments , she told me about their family vacations and everything after that she asked me a question that surprised me and that was " Niall are you in love with me?'' I couldn't say any thing.

Meaghans POV:

"I didn't mean to ask you that it's just that I need. An answer" I apologized " meaghan I have loved you ever since I met you" his words took me by surprise " I wanted to know if you felt the same about me" he added " I actually feel the same about you too Niall I have been dying to let you know but I thought it would get awkward between us " I said thinking maybe now was the time to tell him this but to my surprise he leaned in and kissed me.
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