I finally found you

Meaghan is her name Megz is what they called her . Meaghan is a super funky loud 17 yr old that loves to dance , but when her parents plan to move to the UK her whole world starts transforming even when she finds out that her best friend Serena was moving to the uk with her . After a while of living in the uk Serena gets two concert and meet and greet tickets to ONE DIRECTION but meaghan wasn't a big fan of them but when she meets them one of the boys who's name is Niall falls in love with her .


5. I almost died

Meaghan POV:

"So what he was looking at me " I said to Serena in a shy way " meaghan this is big I mean what if he has a crush on you " she said " oh he could do way better than me " I said in an irratated voice " hey what you girls arguing about " said mom barging in to my room " Serena thinks Niall horan is in love with me " I said to her " he is falling in love with you " said Serena " ok who is this boy ?" Said mom " he's from a band called one direction " said Serena " oh this boy is famous ok carry on with your arguing " she said " oh and me and your dad are going some where for a while so I won't be back for another 3 or 4 hrs ok" she added " ok " we both said at the same time then she turned and left us alone , when we heard loud bang down stairs we knew that they left the house " I'm gonna read a book " I said "ok I'm just gonna sit here and listen to music" she replied , after 20 min we heard a Big Bang downstairs , someone had broken into our house and they were breaking everything cuz we heard glass breaking then the intruder said "let's check upstairs" me and Serena got terrified when we heard foot steps we tried hiding but it was no use , they were 2 men and they were holding knifes and were about to stab us when me and Serena just kicked them and started to run out of the house they were following us when all of a sudden I passed out .
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