I finally found you

Meaghan is her name Megz is what they called her . Meaghan is a super funky loud 17 yr old that loves to dance , but when her parents plan to move to the UK her whole world starts transforming even when she finds out that her best friend Serena was moving to the uk with her . After a while of living in the uk Serena gets two concert and meet and greet tickets to ONE DIRECTION but meaghan wasn't a big fan of them but when she meets them one of the boys who's name is Niall falls in love with her .


3. Got the tickets

Meaghans POV:

After a long day of working around the house I got super super super hungry so I went down to the kitchen to grab something to eat while Serena was sitting on the computer a searching something that has to do with one direction " do u wanna go with me to their concert " she asked "don't you have to buy them first" I answered "oh I already bought them " she answered "when did you buy them " she said " when did you buy them?" I asked her "I bought them right now using my credit card number" she replied " and they included meet and greet passes too" she added "how many tickets did you get?" I asked "one for me and one for you" she said with a smile on her face , I just nodded my head , after I finished eating I went to take a shower , i just stood there for 25min trying to get used to the hot water . When I was done I went out side for some fresh air I saw a lot of kids with British accents I loved British accents they sounded so cool , then i saw the time on my phone it was a quarter to eleven so I knew I had to go to bed but I wanted to stay out just a little longer , " I could get used to this " I said to my self , then my dad told me to come inside and I hurried in cuz it was also getting kind of chilly out here , I went in and went straight to bed , Serena was there lying down on her bed " when is the concert?" I asked her "in 3 days" she answered and I could see she was super excited about it and glad that I agreed to go with her but I knew it was going to be torturous but it's worth it.
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