Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


3. Tryouts and Fun

*Next Day*

I was walking and i saw a flyer that said lacrosse tryouts, open to ages 19 and up and for good runners. i had a lot of muscle so i was good at this sport. I took the flyer and when it was the day of the tryouts i went even though it was kinda far i didn't really care i could have taken the subway, and i was going to do that but i didn't because Louis offered to drive me and he was there cheering me on. I was always interested in lacrosse my whole life. Louis then rest of the boys, Jully and Victoria came too. When they went to go get their seats i noticed they got ones that were really close to the field. It was for guys and girls but the two team were separated  Louis was staring at me the whole time but i started talking to the other girls that were there, they were really nice so we became friends. I felt a tap on my shoulder so i turned around.

Me: "what is it" It came out more rude than i expected but i was tired so whatever.

person: "what i can't ask you a question?" I've heard that voice before, it brought back memories. I turned around to see Luke. When i saw him i gasped. Luke was my old crush i had for 4 years until we went to different high schools and it was far away we talked in elementary but not much. 

Luke: "Hey so long Ashley. you got Skinner!!"

Me: "offensive! well you got fatter, i'm just kidding. I've been losing weight and came to England to explore and what brings you here?" I still kind of had feelings for him, you know not strong ones but the one where you like kinda forgot about him and them he smiles at you and you remember why you like him all over again. Yeah well that's how i feel about Luke.

Luke: "ohh well haha sorry if i offended you i didn't mean it i meant you look very tall and it looks good on you. I came here with my boys and i wanted to explore too." he smiled at me. "and i guess yeah i put on weight too."

Me: "I was just joking so are you trying out too? How do you like England so far? How are the girls here" I said while poking him.

Luke: "yeas i'm trying out too. I do love England and uhh... the girls are fine i am just trying out with my boys."

Me: "oh are you sure you don't like the girls from here??" i asked all curious.

Luke: "there alright"

Me: "so hows Newman?" (Newman is the high school he goes to)

Luke: "oh i made a lot of good friends what about you?"

Me: "ohh yeah i made a lot of friends too high school was the best" i smiled at him.

Luke: "ohh cool! can i ask you a question? but it might be awkward i guess?"

Me: "Yeah i don't care sure hit me, ask!"

Luke: "did you have a boyfriend in high school?"

Me: "no! unfortunately, haha. what about you?"

Luke: "yeah just one but i don't know i didn't care for her anymore she was i don't know how to put it... BORING! But now i'm single and ready to mingle"

Me: "haha i bet you are ready to mingle, sorry to hear that you and your girlfriend broke up"

Luke: "ohh it's fine i don't really care anymore."

Me: "ohh yeah well i'm here in England and i met One Direction and i am hanging out them."

Luke: "wow really i don't care"

ME: "Well no one asked you so who cares"

Jully P.O.V.

I saw Ashley playing  lacrosse then after the first round. She was talking with some guy but i couldn't see who it was  because the coaches head was so big , finally i could see who Ashley's talking to .......................................

She was talking to Luke. WTF!!

I was so happy she had  a crush on him for the longest time. way to go Ashley. I was happy but when i finally calmed down i went over to Victoria who was sitting by Niall. i whispered into her ear.

Jully: "did you know Ashley is talking to Luke!! look over there" i told her pointing to where Ashley and Luke were.

Victoria: "oh really where are they?"

Jully: "there! there!" i told her pointing to them again. I saw Louis looking at us and them he looked where I was pointing.

Louis :"why are you hiding secrets? tell me who Ashley is talking to"

Jully: "Oh i'm not hiding anything and that's Luke her crush in elementary she had a crush on him. This ugly guy for 4 years and it never stopped talking about him." Ashley stopped talking to Luke and she was smiling oh la la. I looked over at Victoria.

Victoria: "Oh la la"

Louis: "oh what does she like and say about him ewww he's so ugly?" I saw Louis face and when i told him that he had a look of jealously on his face.

Jully: "well she fell for him especially really creepy stuff like his butt and she loves your butt, sorry that's creepy and she also liked Luke for his smile, his swag and i don't know more stuff but now she is over him after four fucking years... she just said she likes him when we were in elementary in grade 5,6,7,and 8 and got over him and they went to a different high school. He went to Victoria's high school but not the one Me and Ashley went to." 

Louis: "oh wow 4 years okay then". I noticed Louis whispering to Zayn saying wow can you believe 4 years and something else. He also asked a lot of questions about her. Maybe he was falling for her, oh well i bet Ashley would like that.

Victoria P.O.V.

Niall is so sweet and beautiful and especially cute. i saw Ashley so happy wonder why hahaha i know she met Luke after so many years.

 Ashley P.O.V.

me: " well do you have a phone? i asked the i got a cramp in my back and started to stretch awkwardly just rolling my  shoulders back to my back."

Luke : "yea i do, are you okay"  He came closer to me trying to rub my shoulders.

me: "yeah I'm fine i don't need a rub it i'm alright now"  I shifted away and moved his hands away from  my neck and shoulders. "So whats your number?"

Luke: "oh well its good that your fine" Then he handed me him number

We exchanged numbers and i look up to see Louis face, he looked mad. I wonder why? I saw Victoria and Jully winking at me. I made sure they could understand me and i mouthed "Shut up!". Then i blushed. 

Louis: "What's wrong?"

Me: "oh nothing! Hey look the games starting got to go bye!"

After the game was done i said bye to Luke, i was so tired all i wanted to do was go back to our hotel and sleep. 

me : "Louis can you drive us back to our hotel ? please"

Louis: "sure" Louis said it with a different tone. 

me: "whats wrong" i asked him quietly.

Louis : "nothing I'll talk to u in your room at the hotel" He had a sad look on his face. 

I lifted his head. "please don't be sad" i said to him. He gave me a smile.

Jully: "Ashley so did you enjoy the game" She said that while poking me in the hips a million times.

Me: "Jully shut the fuck up! I like lacrosse okay. And stop fucking poking me"

Jully: "okay then calm down"

Me: "i am calm duh!"

We got to the hotel, Jully and Victoria had rooms right across the hall from me. So i saw Jully and Harry go into Jully's room and Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Victoria went into Victoria's room. I grabbed Louis arm and pulled him into my room. I sat him down on my bed and i looked at him.

Me: "Please tell me whats wrong?"

Louis : "well I'll tell you right after you take a shower and change you stink"

me: "okay then  I'll go take a shower"

*after 10 min of showering and changing into my skinny jeans and a crop top*

me : "now please tell me why were u mad ??"

Louis: "wow cute"  Then he winked at me.

me : "okay lets stay focus and thank you k why were u mad??"

Louis : "can i ask you something??"

me: "yea sure"

Louis : "do you still like Luke??"

me: "How the hell do you know about Luke?"

Louis: "your friends. Now answer my question!"

me : "wow my friends and no i don't like him"

Louis : "why did you smile so much?"

me: "what do you mean i smiled because he made me laugh and it was awkward did i act like a flirt i didn't mean to"

Louis : " no its just you smile so much how are you guys friends?"

me: "well we barley didn't talk much  in elementary but  when i saw him memories came back and i acted like i talk to him as my best friend cause i didn't like him anymore so i didn't panic like i used to back in the days..."

Louis : "ohh so how do u feel about me?"

me: "what do u mean? i like you"

Louis : "as like when you met me?"

me: "well first i panicked cause i saw all you plus my head hurt cause of the fall but i thought and i still do i think to be honest i liked you cause your smile, laugh and your personality"

Louis :"ohh well i felt the same way but more"

me: "more?"

Louis : "you're a special girl that  is more than any other girls."

me: "well okay how many other girls did you have before please describe them ?"

Louis: "well   3  but they weren't different than you." He smiled at me.

me: "a good kinda of different ?...."

Louis: "yes, absolutely"

me: "oh well thanks  but we should hang out more to get to know each other more you know like all of us if that's fine i really wanna find more about you" Then i winked at him.

Louis : "yea :we should do that" He smiled a very big smile at me.

Louis : "wanna go later ??"

me: "I don't care if you want and when everybody else wants to go."

Ashley P.O.V.

wow when Louis said that it was so sweet i fell for him even more. I just wanted to kiss that fucking adorable face. I can't wait for the dinner we'll have soon. we left to go to a fancy restaurant. But first i walked into Victoria's room like two door down from where my room is and I see Jully tickling Harry and Victoria talking to Niall, while Zayn and Liam are watching tv.

Me: "hola"

Victoria" "Hey Spanish chick"

Jully: "Hey gurllllfrrrannnn!!!"  

Me: "hi Jully"

me: "Hey Vikee!"

Jully: "hey Ashley  did you enjoy your talk with Luke?" Then she started winking at me. I sat down next to Jully

Me: "i just talked to him i don't get whats so special i mean i liked him before but now i don't." After i said that i noticed Louis looking at us and listening to our conversation. 

Jully: "are you sure?" Then she started poking Victoria.

Victoria: "oh la la"

After i started blushing i don't know why though. Louis, Zayn, and Liam were watching tv. Like sports and shiz. Harry was sleeping and Niall was making a sandwich. Victoria and Jully sat down next to me. Then i started whispering to them.

Me: "did you guys tell Louis about Luke?"

Jully: "yeah"

Victoria: "we did"

Me: "what did he say, like how'd he find out?"

Jully: "well, this is what happened. i saw you and Luke talking and i went over to Victoria and i started whispering in her ear about you guys. But Victoria couldn't see where you were so i pointed to where you and Luke were. Louis looked over at us and Louis said 'you know it's not good to hide secrets'. I just looked at him and he followed to where my finger was and saw you and Luke talking then he asked who the guy was. I also described Luke and told Louis that you use to like Luke, then Louis looked really angry and surprised. oh la la, i think Louis liked you."

Me: "wow really, he seemed jealous?"

Victoria: "he looked jealous to me"

Me: "maybe he's into me."

Maybe Louis into me i hope so i like him a lot. Later after the talk Louis asked all of us if we wanted to go to a resturant.

Niall: "yes i'm starving. Hey! Let's go to Nandos."

~10 minutes later~

We were all done and we met downstairs with the boys. I had a cute laced dress with black converse and i had my hair curled. Victoria was wearing a cute crop top with a tube kinda skirt with her hair straighten. Jully had a fancy shirt with some jeans and converse with her natural hair.

Me, Victoria, and Jully went to the the elevator so we could meet up with the boys in the lobby of the hotel. Then we all made our way out to the restaurant and guess what we were driving in a LIMO.

Louis: "hey Ashley your looking cute." He winked at me then grabbed my hand.

Me: "Your not too bad yourself." I pulled him suspenders and it snapped back to him cheast and i tightened the grip i had on his hand.

I looked over to Niall and Victoria i think they were a couple... they were so cute together. Then i see Jully and Harry kissing obviously, they have been a couple now for 4 days. I walked over to where Niall and Victoria with Jully and Harry.

Me: "hey"

Them: "Hey"

Me: "are you guys dating now? how?"

Harry: "well Jully and me just clicked together and just took a shot and we liked each other and started dating."

Me: "aww what a cute couple."

Niall: "Me & Victoria just started talking and we liked the same things and started dating."

Me: "aww well all of you guys are cute couples."

Them: "thanks"

Harry: "Well what about you and Louis? you guys seem like you click." Louis was standing right next to me.

Me: "well i don't know. i guess we'll see."

Louis leaned over to Harry and he was whispering but i still heard. "i'm sure though"

We all piled into the Limo and chilled till we got to Nandos which was like an hour away. I sat next to Jully who was sitting next to Harry, who was beside Victoria and Victoria was beside Niall. While Louis and the other boys sat opposite to us. I was on my phone while everyone was talking,

Louis: "pshh Ashley"

Me: "huuu yea?"

Louis: "come sit beside me" I smiled and sat beside him. He took his arm and put it around my neck."Hey your hair is soft." Then Louis started to feel my hair and i couldn't lie i felt very comfortable in his arms. I layed my head on his chest while he stroked my hair. 

Louis: "comfortable?" I moved my head from his chest slightly embarrassed.

Me: "sorry" He pulled my head back onto him chest.

Louis: "its okay."  It was comfortable right there i touched his muscles.

Me: "wow! what muscles." Then i winked at him, 

Louis: "thanks, i do work out and you got muscled too."

Me: "thanks. i Bet i can beat you."

Louis: "try".

Me and Louis were arm wrestling and while i almost won Louis gave all his strength and pushed my arm down hard and i kind hurt.

Me: "no...oww"

Louis: "are you okay?"

Me: "Yea i'm fine."

Louis: "I'll kiss it all better." He grabbed my wrist and kissed it. I poked him on the nose. Louis looked straight at me.

Louis: "you have a beautiful smile and eyes."

Me: "Noo! i love your eyes and hair." Then i touched his hair.

Louis: "thanks! but i love your hair."

Me: "thank you but your hair is so beautiful and light I've always wanted brown hair." Then i smiled at him.

Louis P.O.V.

When i saw Ashley smiled at me it killed me, and when she touched my hair it felt so nice i think i got turned on and that dress she wore. Oh my god cute and sexy. She looked so hot and beautiful, i think i really am falling for her!

~after the car ride~

Ashley P.O.V.

We walked into Nandos and this lady walked us over to a table and it only had 6 seats they were missing two?

Me: "Louis i think they made a mistake aren't we all sitting together and there is only 6 seat are they missing two chairs?"

Louis: "i wanted you and me to sit alone just both of us you know to get to know each other, plus it's right beside the others."

Me: "okay" i smiled at him.

Jully: "you guys have fun" Louis took my hand and pulled out and chair for me then he went around and seated himself across from me.

Louis: "let's order."

Me: "Yes! Thank you." We were waiting to order our food and when i looked up to see the waiter and...


Luke: "Hey ash"

Louis: "really ash?"

Luke: "who's this" i stood up.

Me: "well Louis this is my friend Luke" i said pointing to Luke "and Luke this is Louis." i said pointing to Louis.

Louis: "Hi"

Luke: "hey" Then he focused his attention on me. "Ashley i like the way the dress suits your body." He said while winking 

Me: "um thanks i guess."

Louis P.O.V.

Wow really this kid Luke. No Ash is my word eww, he even works at Nandos. Did he just say that dress looked good on her. uhhh no he wouldn't. I hate this kid.

Ashley P.O.V.

Me: "so you work here Luke?"

Luke: "yeah i need money so."

Me: "ooh can we order now?"

Luke: "Yeah sorry. What would you like?"

*Me and Louis ordered.*

Louis: "Hey can i ask you something?"

Me: "yeah" I was so hungry so i stuffed my mouth with Chicken.

Louis: "why him?"

Me: "who Luke?"

Louis: "yeah"

Me: "i don't know i liked him for four years but not anymore."

Louis: "ooh"

We started eating our food.

Me: "hey Louis"

Louis: "yea" He looked at me with a smile.

Me: "can i tell you a joke?"

Louis: "sure?"

Me: "okay so... What did baby corn say to mama corn?"

Louis: "what?"

Me: "where's Popa-corn? I'm just kidding i know it was horrible."

Louis" it wasn't that bad."

We were just talking for the rest of the dinner.

Victoria P.O.V.

When i met Niall he was so nice and sweet and hot and so adorable. I couldn't stop thinking about him we obviously did have a connection like it was awesome... oh i see Louis got a table for the two of them they are so cute together and i saw Luke. ugggh awkward... well now me and Niall are dating i think we make the cutest couple ever!

Ashley P.O.V.

I see them all talking.

Me: "Let's go i hope there done?"

Louis: "yeas let's go i'm bored let's see if there done." We walked over to there table. "You guys done?" All of them said yes. So we were heading back to the hotel to the Limo gain.






























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