Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


20. Truth or Dare and Sexy Times

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up and Louis was beside me watching TV. I shifted a little and Louis noticed and he got off the bed and walked to my side and kissed me on the lips and i slowly opened my eyes.

Me: "What was that for?"

Louis: "I don't know you looked cute" 

Me: "Ten i should look cute more often" I winked at him and Louis chuckled.

Louis: "Same i should kiss you every hour every minutes because you always look cute" 

Me: "Awe you deserve a kiss come here" 

He came closer to me and i kissed him and i felt him smile into the kiss.

Louis: "We have to pack today were leaving in the afternoon to the tour bus"

Me: "Oh okay I'll pack now when exactly do we have to leave?"

Louis: "At like 8:00 pm" 

Me: "I'll go pack now then"

I looked at my phone and it was 2:30 i guessed i slept late.  i took a shower and i changed into some leggings and a white v-neck with some vans.

Me: "Louis i have to do my laundry"

Louis: "Could i do mine with you?"

Me: "Of course" 

We both walked to the laundry and we washed and dried our clothes and when we went back to our room i packed my suitcase and so did Louis.

Louis P.O.V.

So i have a plan I've been planning to do a surprise with Ashley. I will plan it on the tour bus or a concert I'm not sure yet. I'm hoping it will be the best and she will be happy. 

Ashley P.O.V.

We were chilling and Louis said we could watch a movie. We watched 21 jump street and i think it was funny i was laughing the whole time. It was around 4:00 and everybody came to our room and we just chilled and we watched another movie and it was a comedy. Harry was sitting beside me and Louis was on the other side of me. 

Me: "Harry you still thinking about my friend?"

Harry: "Um...No I don't think we connected and plus she is not my type"

Me: "Awe don't worry you'll get a girl soon"

Harry: "Yeah" 

Harry P.O.V.

It didn't exactly work out for me and Ashley's friend and i don't even remember her name we just didn't connect. i didn't really bother giving it a chance. I wish i could find someone more like Ashley, shes been so supportive. 

Ashley P.O.V.

The movie ended and it was like 2 hours long so know it was around 6:00 and we just sat there and talked. It was finally 8:00 and we got all our things and headed downstairs. There was this huge bus and we went in it and it had 6 bunk beds. Two bathrooms and a couch with a tv. 

People called dibs on their beds like Niall & Victoria got one and then there was Jully & Liam who got another one. I guess i could sleep on a bunk bed they weren't that bad and i got my blanket and i layed it on my bed and Louis was beside me and Zayn was on top of Louis and Harry was on top of my bed. 

We all got bored so we went to this part which was the living room kind of thing and it had a couch and some chairs. We all went and sat down. The boys told the bus driver to stop at a convenience store and he did and i decided to put on my jacket and go with them. Victoria, Jully and Niall were hungry so they bought a bag of chips. Louis bought some chips and two drinks. Zayn bought cigarettes and chips. I bought stuff. 

We went back to the bus and we decided to play truth or dare. 

Zayn: "Ashley Truth or Dare?"

Me: "Dare!"

Zayn: "I dare you to kiss Harry"

Me: "What no ii'm dating Louis that-"

Louis: "Why not? Go it's fine with me it is a dare" 

Me: "Really?"

Louis: "Yeah i bet Harry wants that. Just go I don't mind your mines anyways"

Me: "Umm... Okay sure" 

I started getting closer to Harry and i was shaking what if Louis gets mad but he said he's alright with it so whatever. I was getting closer and closer to Harry and i was blushing and i looked back at Louis and he was cheering, me and Harry kissing that's what everybody wanted they were all cheering. 

Finally our noses where touching and i pecked him on the lips, Harry lips were soft and i opened my eyes to see Harry eyes were closed and his large hands were holding on to me kissing me harder and deeper. 

Louis: "You cant let go now, Harry" 

Harry wouldn't let go of me and he kept on kissing me and i had my eyes open in shock and i tried shoving him off but he was much stronger than me and i could tell he was enjoying this. 


Louis came and pulled Harry off of me. He grabbed my hand and he pulled me on his lap while he was sitting on the couch. 

Harry: "Sorry" he looked down.

Me: "It's fine" 

Zayn: "So Harry you enjoyed that didn't you?"

Harry: "..."

We just continued our game and Louis kissed me. 

Louis: "Your mine. Sorry Harry likes you so yeah but it's fine" He seemed a bit angry. 

Me: "It's fine Louis you will always be mine" 

Harry P.O.V.

I can't believe that just happened.


Zayn: "Truth or dare Ashley?"

Ashley: "Dare!"

Zayn: "I dare you to kiss Harry" 

My eyes shot wide open. I was shocked she couldn't do it Louis would be mad. 

Ashley: "What! No I'm dating Louis thats-"

I sighed in relief i didn't want to get into a fight with Louis and him being all mad. Even though i really wanted to kiss her. 

Louis: "Why not? Go it's fine with me" 

What Louis i never expected that, i really wanted to kiss her. 

Ashley: "Really?"

Louis: "Yeah i bet Harry wants that. Just go i don't mind your mines anyways" 

I could feel the red coming in my cheeks,

Ashley: "um...okay sure"

She came close to me and our noses were touching and the others were cheering  I tried to look at her but she wasn't looking at me. She pecked my lips and i felt my knees go weak and i wanted more. I grabbed her and pulled her into a deeper kiss my thoughts were just empty and i was just focusing on this kiss and nothing else. 

Louis: "You can let go of her now Harry!" 

I just continued kissing her. 


I didn't want to stop and i didn't until Louis came and pulled me off of Ashley. He grabbed her hand and pulled him onto his lap while they were  talking. 

Me: "Sorry" 

I felt bad but the kiss was just so amazing, I wish i could kiss her some more. I looked over at Ashley and he head was down.

Ashley: "Um... It's fine" 

Zayn: "Harry you liked that didn't you?" 

I didn't respond and i started to blush and i looked down. I felt really bad but it just felt so right at the time too. I felt fireworks when we kissed and it's not exactly helping me get over her. 

Ashley P.O.V.

We continued playing.

Me: "Niall truth or dare?"

Niall: "Dare"

Me: "I dare you to kiss Victoria's boob"  

Victoria: "What the fuck?"

Niall: "I'll do it" He seemed happy. 

Niall leaned over and kissed it and everybody started laughing even Victoria was laughing. 

Zayn: "So Niall, Victoria did you enjoy that" 

Victoria just blushed and looked down and Niall just laughed and nodded his head. 

Victoria: "Louis truth or dare?"

Louis: "Dare"

Victoria: "I dare you to lick Ashley's ear" 

Louis leaned over and he started like licking and kissing my ear and then he whispered. 

Louis: "you like that don't you?"

I was about to moan but i held it in because if i didn't i knew i would get teased. I was told to suck Louis finger for some reason which was weird but i did it and i slowly put it in deeper and pulled it off slowly. And everybody just made 'oh la la' noises. Some of the boys were whistling and it was payback for him being a tease. 

Harry P.O.V.

Did Ashley just put Louis finger down her mouth. Oh my why did she have to be such a tease for? I was thinking dirty thoughts about her no Harry you need to stop. I could feel myself getting ahrder i need to stop before everybody sees my boner. 

Ashley P.O.V.

Niall: "Who's the boner for?"

Harry: "What?"

He looked down trying to ignoring it.

Niall: "That" he pointed to Harry's boner? 

Harry: "Um nothing: 

Niall: "Oh" Niall winked.

Harry: "Shut up"

Niall: "Hmmm".

Everyone had their laughs and I just stayed serious. Victoria was nudging Niall for him to stop. Liam and Jully were cuddling and laughing. Zayn was focused on Harry. I looked over at Louis to see his eyed were full of lust. He whispered.

Louis: "i need you"

Me: "Me too" 

I grabbed his finger and i sucked on it slowly extending it in and out while my other hand was on his lap rubbing his though and he moaned into my ear. No one was looking at us they were bust talking to ear other. 

Louis: "Please don't be a tease" 

Me: "Why you need me?" 

He bit his lip. 

Me: "It's just the begging"

I grabbed my blanket and i put it over us and i started to rub his thigh close to his crotch. He just bit his lip.

Me: "Should I?" 

He nodded and layed his head down in pleasure and he shut his eyes and i quickly looked over to see if anyone was watching. i went to his pants and i unzipped them and he he pulled his head back biting on hip lip. I wanted to tease him some more so i stroked his neck and gave wet kissed along his neck and down his chest and he grabbed my hands and put it on his dick and forced me to rub it up and down. 

Me: "I need you now" 

Louis nodded and he zipped his pants back up and he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the other room and i went into my bed. there was this little curtain in front of it so he quickly closed that. I slowly took off his shirt and he took off mine too and my bra and then my pants and my panties. I took off his boxers and he put on a condom. 

He put a blanket over us and he started to enter me and thrusted harder until i heard footsteps and i moaned loudly  and he got turned on and he licked my ear lobe knowing it was my sweet spot. Someone coughed and Louis stopped and he peeked from the curtains.

Louis: "Get out Harry!"

Harry: "No! I want to watch and hear"

Me: 'Ew Harry just go!" 

Harry: "Fine" 

He went and slept on his bunk bed which was right above us and i knew he was listening to us. Louis closed the curtains and he continued and i moaned even louder until it was my turn and i got onto him and i started licking his neck. I was giving his hickeys and then i went lower and i started to lick his abs and then i went even lower to his dick. I got my hand and started rubbing and he moaned louder and since Harry wanted hear there you go. Maybe he was masturbating. 

Louis moaned louder and i let him enter me again and he started thrusting in me harder in and out. I kissed him on the lips while he was doing that and he grabbed onto my and kissed me harder. He went faster and he hit my g-spot and i moaned very loud and he started to thrust even harder and i felt him cum in me at the same time i did. He slowly exited me.

Louis: "I love you"

Me: "I love you too" 

We just layed there and we decided to get dressed again. We layed there breathlessly until i peeked out and everyone was sleeping and it was around 12:00 am. I went to the bathroom and the closest one was in Victoria & Jully's room so i just used that one. So i was going to knock to see if anybody was in there but Harry walked out and he was naked and he was huge! I looked down to his thing i was so dumb i looked up and he was just stood there and i quickly covered my eyes. 

Me: "Can i use the washroom?"

He grabbed my hands pulling them form my eyes.

Harry: "It's okay you'll get used to it. Did you enjoy the view?"

Me: "What? No!"

Harry: "I sleep naked so you'll get use to it" 

Harry: "Hopefully you liked it" He whispered into my ear. 

Me: "Nope" 

I shifted to the side a squeezed passed him and to get into the washroom. I was tired so i went to my bed which was next to Louis but instead I just slept in Louis arms. 

~ Next Morning ~

I woke up and Louis was next to me i felt extremely dirty from last night. I slipped out of bed and it was around 10:00 am. i went to go take a shower and i grabbed my suitcase from the bottom of my bunk and i grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a blue top. I grabbed my towel and i walked into the shower. I was greeted by Niall with only a towel on. 

Niall: "Good morning" 

Me: "Good morning"

Niall: "It's weird i all i heard last night was a lot of moaning"

Me: "Um...er. yea" I blushed. 

Niall: "Yea from you and Louis you guys were so loud"

Me: "Oh shut up i bet you moaned even louder when you are with Victoria" 

Niall just looked down oh shit did he and Victoria still never had sex? Whatever. 

Niall: "Well i am just going to go change" 

Me: "Okay Bye" 

I walked into the shower and i took one and then i changed into my clothes. i combed my hair and i looked descent and satisfied, I waled out and put my dirty clothes in mt laundry bag. 

I went into my bed and i saw Harry laying there naked and i screamed because he scared me. 

Louis: "What?"

Me: "Nothing i just saw Harry naked"

Louis: "Oh don't mind that" 

Harry: "Like the view?"

Harry had his hands behind his head relaxing i closed half of the curtain so i only saw his head. 

Me: "No! Why are you on my bed?"

Harry: "I don't know i don't like my bed" 

Me: "So you go on mine?"

Harry: "Yeah it's quite comfortable" 

Me: "Okay..."

Me: "Do you guys have rehearsal?"

Harry: "Yeah at like 1:00"

Me: "You should go get ready"

Harry: "Yeah" 

Harry got off my bed and he was naked and i didn't want to look at him so i turned around and i walked up to Louis bed. 

Me: "That was amazing last night" 

Louis: "Yeah it was the best" 

I kissed him on the lips and i smiled.

Me: "Wake up and get ready"

Louis: "Are you going to come?"

Me: "Not if you don't get changed now"

Louis: "Fine after Harry is done" 

Harry came out and he was wearing a blouse and a bow tie and black skinny jeans. Louis got up and went to go get changed. harry came closer to me.

Harry: "I slept on your blanket last night" 

Me: "i know i can see that" 

Harry: "Yeah"

Zayn: "Shh I'm tired i couldn't even sleep last night with all your moaning" 

Me: 'Sorry but get up"

Zayn: "Uhh fine"

Louis came out and Zayn went in and his hair was wet and there was a towel aroudn his waist and looked at me.

Louis: "Awe babe" 

He pulled me into a big bear hug. 

Me: "Ahh your getting me all wet" 

Louis: "I bet i am just as wet as i made you last night" He winked at me. I just laughed at him. He looked so amazing and i got turned on. i pulled the towel from his body. I kissed him and he kissed me back. Louis changed in front of me and i bit my lip as he was putting on his boxers. He wore a white v-neck and black skinny jeans and white converse. I fixed his hair and i went into the main part of the bus while everyone was awake and hungry. Especially Niall and Victoria i swear they were so cute and innocent now like me and Louis but they were always the little cute couple that everyone thought was just adorable. 

Victoria was wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a baby blue hoodie and she had a pair of supras on. Jully was wearing sweats and a hoodie with some converse. The boys were wearing sweats and hoodies.  

Me: "Im hungry"

Liam: "Me too" 

We wanted to go to a cafe for breakfast. We told the bus driver and i learned his name was Gary. We went to the cafe and got a both that fitted 8 people. We ate pancakes and omelets  We payed and we went back to the bus and we stayed there and watched tv until it was 1:00. We got to the boy's rehearsal and they told us we could watch their performance. They were rehearsing in a stadium so me and the girls sat it in the front row. We were singing and dancing along to their songs it went on for like 2 hours. I got on my phone and i got some more hate on twitter but i didn't care. I started playing games and when the boys were done we went back to the bus and drove on and we wanted to go the park and we did and played tag. 

We all got tired and it was getting late so we decided to go back to the bus and it was like 5:00 but it was getting dark outside. We went to have a movie marathon and after about 20 minutes i fell asleep and Louis told me that we had to wake up early tomorrow because there was a concert tomorrow . I slowly fell asleep and put my alarm for 9:00am. Louis carried me to bed and he slept with me. 

A/N: Hey guys i know this chapter is long but i hope you guys enjoyed it as well bye.


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