Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


17. Touring Around Canada

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up and i looked at the time and it was 8:00 am. I went to the bathroom and i came in slowly and i wanted to wake up Louis.

Me: "Hey babe wake up"

He still didn't wake up. I took my phone and played my alarm very loud. It was a recording of lou. 


Louis jumped out of bed.

Louis: "What was that for?" 

Me: "To wake you up"

Louis: "Payback"

Me: "How?"

Louis: "Tickle monster"

He started tickling me and i couldn't take it anymore.

Me: "enoouuuughhh...Louis"

Louis: "Are you sure?

Me: "So that was payback?"

Louis: "Yeah... i guess"

Me: "So where to?"

Louis: "i don't know"

Me: "I'm going to go shower, I'll text you if they want to come"

Louis: "Okay love see you"

I walked out and went to mine and Harry's room. 

Me: "Good morning" 

Harry groaned.

Me: "I see your not a morning person"

I went closer to him and i started to shake the bed.

Me: "Wake up. Wake-"

I was cut off from him pulling me on top of him so i was like straddling him. I quickly got off and i was standing on the floor awkwardly.

Me: "Umm so yea, Me and Louis planned on looking around Canada and i was going to ask the other if they wanted to come so do you want to come?"

Harry: "Yeah sorry about that... um sure i want to go" 

Me: "It's fine"

Me: "Well im going to go take a shower"

Harry: "I guess i'll just get ready"

Me: "It's pretty chilly so wear something warm"

Harry: "Oh okay thanks"

I went in and took a shower and i had my clothes with me. I texted the rest asking if they wanted to come and they all said yes. I changed into these light jeans, some cheetah print vans and a bug pull over sweater and it was like tribal print it was really cute and i put on my hipster glasses. I straightened my hair and fixed my bangs. I walked out and Harry had his towel on his shoulder and i grabbed my stuff and put it in a dirty laundry bag. Harry was just sitting on his bed and it was all messy he didn't make it yet. Then he sighed enough for me to hear. 

Me: "What? Do i not look good?"

Harry: "Oh no not you, you look good" 

He smiled form ear to ear and i blushed a little. He got up and went to the bathroom. I looked around the room and i started clean up and i was almost done i was going to go do Harry's bed and then something behind me grabbed my hand. I gasped a little. 

Harry: "I'll do the bed" 

Me: "Oh i'm almost done it's fine"

I was about to continue but he squeezed my hand harder and he pulled me closer to his chest and he took my other hand in his and i look at him and he was staring right at me. I broke my stare from him and i looked down and i took my hand away from his and i just stood there.

Harry: "You look really good in those glasses"

He reached his hand over and tapped the side of my glasses.

Harry: "But i would look better in them" 

He grabbed my glasses and started to put them on, I chased him around and when i finished making the bed i got tired i just grabbed my green trench coat and put it on.

Me: "Fine, why don't you use them then?" 

I walked out.

Harry: "Okay..."

I went into Liam, Zayn & Jully's room to see if they were ready. I was waiting for everybody come and then I was Victoria come out of here room wearing some jeans and a cute top and shoes.

Me: "Aren't you going to be cold?"

Victoria: "Nah i'll bring a jacket"

It's good because it's fall and it can pretty cold. Jully came and she was wearing a hoodie and a vest with some grey jeans and trainers.The boys came and they all had khaki's on.  Liam wore a plaid long sleeved sweater and a vest.. Zayn had a varsity jacket and a shirt under and some Nike's. Harry wore a long sleeved blouse with a bow tie and skinny jeans and a trench coat with some shoes and my glasses -_-. Niall had a hoodie with chinos and some shoes. Louis wore a long sleeved blouse, some suspender, jeans, a trench coat and a beanie he looked so sexy. 

We all discussed where to go since me, Jully and Victoria were from here and we knew where to go. We got downstairs and i told the boys and everyone that were gonna walk around. We got to Louis car and it was very comfortable. I told Louis the directions to down town so we parked the car and we got out and we saw the CN Tower. We went inside and it was my first time but we went into the elevator and i was kind of scared so i held onto Louis hand and i we went our own way from the rest of them. Zayn went alone to go look at something. Niall and Victoria were walking and they were do cute he had his arm around her and they were holding hands and she was leaning on him and he bend down and gave her a kiss and she kissed him back they were the perfect couple. Liam and Jully were walking too. Harry was with me and Louis it was quite awkward since Harry confessed his feeling for me and all the things hes been doing.  

We were just looking around and looking at the view. We found this little cafe and i texted the other asking  if they wanted to come and meet up with us and they agreed. I was sitting in a big table and it could fit 8 people i was sitting beside Louis and i was in front of Harry just waiting for the others to come. While we were waiting i whispered something in Louis ear and he started bite his lip and it looked like he was getting turned on. 

Louis: "Hey ash aren't those your glasses"

Louis pointed at Harry. 

Me: "Yeah Harry wanted to wear them and Harry you know you can get blind so why dont you just give me them back?"

Harry slowly took them off and passed them to me. 

Harry: "Sorry you have some weird vision" 

Me: "Yeah  i do"

I put them back on.

Me: "How do i look?"

Louis: "Beautiful"

He poked my nose. I whispered something to him and i touched his leg and i started run my hand up and down his leg and he did a quiet moan so only i could hear. He came closer to my ear.

Louis: "Don't be a tease again"

I giggled.

Harry: "What are you guys saying?"

Me: "Oh nothing"

Harry shrugged and the other finally came and i saw Harry's face and he looked curious. Anyways we ordered some breakfast or brunch and we ate and i kept on touching Louis lap and he kept on whispering dirty things into my ear. 

Harry: "Are you guys horny?"

Me: "What!?|

Harry: "Are you guys horny?"

Me: "Nooooo..."

I looked over at Louis who was blushing while the other were dying of laughter. I started to laugh and when i looked in front of me i saw Harry looking at me.

Me: "What are you horny?" 

Which made Louis laugh.

Louis: "Oh boy i bet he is horny and he is thinking of you! but don't worry so am i"

Harry just smirked.

Louis: "Or maybe Victoria"

Niall: "No she's mine only i'm allowed to think dirty thoughts about her." 

Niall wrapped his arms around Victoria so protective it was so cute. 

Victoria: "So you think dirty thoughts of me?" 

Niall just went and kissed Victoria. 

The rest of us just calmed down.

Victoria: "Wait Harry so you like Ashley?"

Harry just slowly nodded his head. Jully got over the break up fast and she didn't care that Harry liked someone else she had Liam now. 

Harry: "Just a little but i have to get over you because your with my best mate" 

Me: "Kay"

I was trying to change the awkward subject. Once we were all done we stood up and paid for out food. We got out of the CN Tower and went sight seeing it wad beautiful. I was with the girls and we were walking into an area that didn't have a lot of people. 

Harry P.O.V.

Me: "Harry why would you say that"

Louis: "Oh calm down it was just a joke mate it's not like your thinking it"

Me: "Whatever"

Louis: "I knew you like Ashley. Why didn't you tell me? 

Me: "Yea i don't know you called dibs and now your boyfriend and girlfriend it would be kind of awkward"

Louis: "Yeah i guess so oh well where you jello?"

He started poking my stomach. 

Me: "Louis stop"

I fell to the ground and i heard all of the boys laughing and the girls were behind us laughing too and i heard Ashley's laugh it was so cute. I need to stop thinking of her seriously. i got up and tried wiping the dirt that was on me. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I noticed the boys ticking and poking Harry and then he fell on the ground, and i started dying of laughter it was so funny. Great my annoying laugh came out. Harry got up and started to dust himself off but it didn't work there was still some there.

Me: "Harry there is still some dirt there"

Harry: "Whatever"

We saw the tour bus and we went in and i sat near Louis of course. Harry sat on the other side of me and i  still saw lots of dirt on him. I told him and then i dusted it off there was still some on his inner thigh.

Me: "Umm Harry you still have some there"

Harry: "can you rub it off for me"

Me: "Umm why cant you?"

Harry: "Why? Are you afraid to rub it off?"

Me: "No! I'm not afraid why can't you just rub it off yourself?"

Harry: "So you are afraid"

Me: "No"

Harry: "yes"

Me: "Fine" 

I rubbed the dirt off of this inner thigh near his crotch and he moaned a little and he bit his lip. 

Me: "Ew did you just moan?"

Harry: "Yeah. Why?"

Me: "i don't know it's weird"

Harry: "Oh well i don't mind" 

Me: "Whatever i just rubbed it off i'm not afraid"

Harry: "Really?"

He grabbed my hand and placed it near his dick and whispered.

Harry: "Would you like some more moans since you find it disgusting when i say it?"

Me: "Eww" 

I pulled my hand away and and i don't want anything to do with that.

Me: "You know you've been acting really strange around me and your making it awkward"

Harry: "Oh im sorry i was just kidding. I'm sorry i never meant to do that it was only joking" 

Me: "It's okay your just pretty much blowing your plan of getting over me and you'll only want more and it's quite annoying." 

Harry: "Sorry"

Me: "It's fine" 

~ Later on ~

I went to lay my head on Louis shoulder since he was sleeping and i took off my jacket and put it on him. He started to move and he was sleeping on my leg and it was only 3:00pm anyways after 10 minutes i woke him up so he didn't miss the sight of Toronto.

Louis: "Aw you care so much babe. Thanks for your jacket aren't you cold?

Me: "Nope i'm fine"

I went closer to his ear.

Me: "You look so hotttt when your sleeping"  

He moaned.

Louis: "Your such a tease and your jacket is so warm"

Me: "aww thanks i'm a tease?"show me?" 

Louis; "Well, since you've been such a tease i guess it's my turn."

He slowly got my hand and put it on his dick and the other hand on his abs slowly touching them he came close to my ear,

Louis: "You like that don't you?"

He moaned which got me turned on and i reached to his ear.

Me: "My turn"

I extended my hand almost in his pants and i was about to touch it. I sighed 

Me: "Never mind" 

Louis was biting his lip while the jacket was still on us.

Louis: "WHAT!? NO!"

Me: "Why were you enjoying that?" 

Louis: "Yes please continue" 

I rubbed his leg while he grabbed my other hand put it on his boner and i started palming it and he moaned. I unzipped his pants and pulled it down a little so with with his boxers and jacket was over our legs so no one knew i looked at his size.

Louis: "What?"

Me: "Your huge"

Louis: "Yeah i know"

I put my my hand on his boner and i started to rub my finger in circled on the tip. Then i started pumping it i started of slow and Louis was moaning. Then i started to pump it faster and harder.

Louis: "I'm going to CUM!:

I stopped and he let his liquid spill and he put his hand and got the liquids on his fingers.

Louis: "Lick it" 

I did as he said and i sucked on his fingers.

Me: "thanks babe" 

Louis: "I love you Ashley"

I grabbed him and we started to make out and when we were finished we sat there and cuddled for a bit. It was 5:00pm and we got off the tour bus and we walked back to our car. Harry came up to us.

Harry: "I enjoyed you and Louis moans"

He licked his lips. Great he knew oh well. We go in the car and drove to Nandosto eat and we were in a booth. Harry started moaning.

Harry: "Moaning that's all i heard comign from these two love birds" 

He pointed at me and Louis. I started blushing and looked down Louis grabbed my hand and everyone laughed. 

Me: "Whatever"

When we were done eating we went back to the hotel and i went into my room. I went to go get changed into my pj's and Louis and everyone else went back to their own room. I brushed my teeth and walked out.

Harry: "Did you?"

Me: "Did what?"

Harry: "Handjob?"

Me; "Yea why?"

Harry: "No reasons" 

Harry P.O.V.

I couldn't believe that... wow okay i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I changed and i need to get over Ashley. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I went to my little bed and I fell asleep to sexting Louis.

A/N: Hey guys i promise updates more often thanks for reading.



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