Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


4. The House

We all got into the limo.

Louis: "let's watch a movie"

Liam: "oooh i got one! TOY STORY... ALL OF THEM"

We got to their house and me, Victoria and Jully were amazed. When we entered the house it was so big and beautiful. Legit it was so awesome.

Me: "i love you house"

The Boys: "thanks"

Harry: "it has 8 bedrooms."

Me: "cool"

Liam: "let's watch the movie now"

Liam put in the movie and Louis said he was going to go make the popcorn. I sat down on their couch and began to watch the movie. I was near Niall & Victoria and they were cuddling, Harry & Jully sat beside Zayn. Liam was interested into the movie. Louis was sitting beside Liam. 

Louis: "can i come over to were your sitting , love?"

me: "yea come" Louis came over and put his arm around me and we started talking. After i started playing with his hair.

me: "i really do love your hair"

Louis: "thanks! i love your hair too" I looked over to see Niall & Victoria fell asleep, Victoria was on his lap, they were so cute. I saw Jully and Harry making out.

Me: "Get a room!"

Jully: "whatever." 

Louis grabbed my hand and asked me if i wanted to see his room. He tightened his grip as i was getting up and it made me blush and he smiled at me. His smile oh my god his smile killed me.

Louis: "here it is"

me: "wow i love it its awesome"

I went and sat on his big bed and Louis came and sat beside me.

Louis: "hey can i tell you something"

me: "yea sure"

Louis : "well i like you"

me: "i like u too" 

Louis : "but i wanna be more"

me: "more like...?"

Louis: "more than  friends"

me: "oh why do you like me?"

Louis : "i fell for you and...

i love you..."

me: "i ll be honest i fell for you to and .... i love too"

Louis came closer to kiss my forehead and he looked into mt brown eyes and he told me that they were beautiful. He smiled and then he looked at my lips and he slowly leaned closer and kissed me. I kissed him back slowly and then he started to kiss hardcore and we put our tongues in each others mouth. We slowly pulled back and it looked like he enjoyed it just as much as i did.

Louis : "you know i had feelings for you-" 

Me: "Louis do you want to be with me?"

Louis: "yes of course more than anything .. i love you"

Me: "well i love you too and i want this..more than anything too"

We started to make out again.

Me: "this is my first kiss"

Louis: "no your third now" He winked and then kissed me again.

me: "so does this makes official?"

Louis: "yes"

me: "that's what i hoped for"

We hugged and i put my head on his chest.

Me: "I've been waiting for this moment"

Louis: "so have i"

Me: "let's play a game"

Louis: "like what?"

Me: "Hide and seek"

Louis was it and he counted to 10. 

i ran in the hall and looked for a closet and one with a lot of clothes i  actually went to Harry's  room. I heard footsteps in the hall way coming to this room i was just hiding in harry clothes tucked in his closet.  i heard some one opened the door and say they were tired and another person  said the same. they both jumped on the bed and just slept i peeked to see who was it it was harry and Jully.  Jully was sleeping on harry 's chest i wanted to scream "awww " but i knew Louis was still looking for me so i ran out of the closet and and out of the door to the hallway but slowly because they were sleeping i after i close the door i ran to hide some where i bumped into someone.


suddenly i was on top of Louis  and we both laughed. I put my hand over he's mouth and said "shh Jully and Harry are sleeping"  Louis said "oh okay i finally found you". " yea i was just hiding in harry's closet and and harry and Jully were sleeping together and i didn't want to disturb them so i left slowly and now you found me. you win" i smiled at him.

Louis picked up by the waist.

Louis: "let's go to bed."  "i love your hand it fits between my fingers perfectly"

Me: "aw i know and so does our lips"

I went into Louis room and changed into my pajamas.

Louis: "even in your pajamas your still hot."

Me: "Thanks well your not to bad yourself." Then i snapped his boxer elastic and i think he got turned on.

Louis tickled me i ran to the bed and we layed there exhausted  from the running. I still think Niall, Victoria, Zayn and Liam all fell asleep. I layed on Louis and we just layed there kissing and talking until we fell asleep i was on top of him stroking his hair while he kissed me eventually we fell asleep 

~In the morning~

 i woke up next to Louis i wrapped  my arms around his waist and he took his hand and pulled my arms closer to him while i was so close to him he turned around gave me the most longest kiss ever and said "good morning" I smiled at him.

Me: "wanna go have some breakfast?"

i slapped his ass he pulled my arms to his butt 

Louis: "i know you love it"

I put his hands on my boobs.

Me: "i do, what about my boobs? i know you like them!"

Louis: "yes there beautiful"

i come with Louis holding hands and looked in the living room Niall, Victoria, Liam and Zayn were all sleeping. Me and Louis made some pancakes with blueberry and as i was cooking, Louis wrapped his arms around my waist we started kissing i look in the corner of my eye and see harry and Jully behind him.

Harry: "oh la la you and Louis are official? are you liking it?"

me: "really, yes we are official"

harry :"how like?"

me: "well.. we last night started to like talk.. then to our feelings and i guess we connected.."

Louis:" ohh and we KISSED" Jully came from behind Harry.

Jully: "kissed?"

Me: "yeah"

Jully: "oh la la"

Me: "really?"

Jully: "monkeys". We all started laughing and then i went back to cooking the pancakes.

Harry: "ooooh pancakes! Liam, Zayn, Victoria and Niall are still sleeping someone should go wake them up."

Me: "yeah. FOOD!"

Niall & Victoria came rushing into the kitchen and Liam & Zayn came shortly after them. I set up the table while Louis helped me. We all sat and began to eat.

Me: "Harry i saw you and Jully sleeping"

Harry: "were you watching us? What the fuck"

me: "well.. see i was playing hide and seek with Louis and well i hid in your closet and you & Jully came in and in the bed and i left"

harry: "okay" Everyone started laughing


Victoria: "really? when? why the fuck didn't you tell me?"

me: " well me and Louis are official it just clicked, i wanted to tell you but you Niall are such cute couple and i didn't want to wake you"

Victoria: "aww thanks"

Me: "you guys wanna go to the park?"

Jully: "you and your parks. ok i'll go!"

I went into Louis room and i knocked on the door and i walked in and he was searching for something in his closet. 

Me: "Hey"

Louis: "Hi, urghh i can't find anything"

I walked over to his closet. We were just going to the park so he didn't need his best clothes. I found a batman shirt and he had some khakis and i said "Here wear this Louis." I took his batman shirt and i said i have a matching one. Louis looked at the clothes.

Louis: "ok that's reasonable" Then he smiled at me. I pat his head.

"Yes it is reasonable now go put it on." While he was changing i put on my clothes, i wore the batman shirt, with some skinny jeans and my converse.  I came back to his room and i stayed in a room and there were two other rooms for Victoria and Jully. i see Louis looked great in his batman shirt.

Me: "aww we are matching look"

Louis: "yeah, let's go show the others." He grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. The others were watching tv and i grabbed one of Louis beanies and all of us walked out, I was walking with the girls.

Jully: "aww you and Louis are matching how cute" 

Me: "yeah some how we had the same shirt."

Victoria: "well it's cute"

Me: "Thanks"

Louis put his arm around my waist and his hand in one of my pockets from the back of my jeans while i did the same with his jeans. Victoria and Niall are just so cute together holding hands and talking how cute. We walked to Harry's car and it only had 6 seats. Some of us had to sit on the boys laps. Victoria sat on Niall's lap, I sat on Louis lap and Jullly sat on Liams lap because Harry was driving.

Louis: "hey girl"

Me: "Hey boy" 

Louis: "thanks your not heavy at all"

Me: "oh well thanks your thigh is comfortable"

Louis: "yeah i know i'm so strong:

Me: "okay"

Louis: "i brought a football"

Me: "cool i brought 2 lacrosse net things"

Louis: "kay" 

We got to the park and i ran out of the car and we just chilled and i was throwing the football to Louis and the others were chilling talking while Liam and Zayn played with the lacrosse net things, i still didn't know what they were called.

Louis: "catch"

Me: "okay" I ran back to catch the ball until i crashed into someone. The voice was very familiar

Mystery voice: "hey Ashley you should watch your back on where your going?" I turned around to see Luke.

me: "oh sorry about that" Louis comes over and picks me up.

Louis: "are you okay"

Me: "yeah i'm fine"

Luke: "hey Louis"

Louis: "hi"

I looked over and i see Jully with a very surprised face.

Me: "Well we better get going"

Louis: "yeah"

Luke: "oh okay. Bye i'll see you in the lacrosse finals"

Me: "oh when is that?"

Luke: "next week"

Me: "oh ok bye"

Luke: "i'll text you more of the details"

Then he left. Louis grabbed my hand and kissed me and of course i kissed him back. We walked back to the others and they were just looking at the sky. Liam sat beside me.

Liam: "yeah clouds are relaxing" 

Louis sat on the other side of me and grabbed my hand and we both looked at the sky. We finally stood up and the rest were playing football and on the swings. Louis took out his hand offered to help me up and i took it up and he pulled me up.

Louis: "teach me how to play lacrosse?"

Me: "yeas sure" i took both of the lacrosse sticks and the ball. The park had soccer ball nets so we used those instead. I passed one of the sticks to Louis and i taught him how to shoot the ball into the net. We practiced and i taught. He was goalie and i twirled my stick twisting my wrist and i shot. The ball hit Louis in the lower department. I ran up to him.

Me: "Louis are you okay"

Louis: "yeah"

Me: "are you sure?"

Everyone came ruching up to us asking us what happened and i told them. Harry started dying.

Me: "like to us girls if someone hits you in your boons it would hurt you know how you guys get hit there"

Jully: "yeah that's so true"

Me: "i remember in gym for phys. ed, we were playing something and the ball hit my boob so hard i felt like dying... it hurt so bad.

Jully: "Yeah it really hurts."

Harry: "la la la la" He said while blocking his ears.

Victoria and Niall were still on the ground dying, they really are perfect for each other.

Me: "wow!" i looked back at Louis. "you okay"

Louis: "yeah" Then he smiled at me and i smiled back at him


























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