Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


5. The Club

We left the park and went back to the house to hang out.

Me: "we should go to the club soon guys"

Louis: "yeah, it will be great"

Victoria: "yeah let's party"

We got back home. I went into Louis room.

Me: "so what are you going to wear?"

Louis: "i don't know help me"

I walked over to Louis closet and picked out a blouse, suspenders and these blue skinnies with his white TOMS.

Louis: "okay i'll go change now"

I left his room and went into my room. I wore a skinny dress that slimmed my body with some killer stilettos and my hair was down with some eyeliner and mascara. I went into Jully's room and i saw what Victoria and Jully were wearing. Jully was wearing a short blue dress with some heels and her hair was straightened and with some mascara. Victoria was wearing a crop top and a tube skirt with some heels.

Me: "aww how cute"

I walked back out into the living room where all the boys were all dressed up. Harry walked by me and he looked a Louis.

Harry: "Louis look at you girl! How about you twirl for Louis"

I did so. I went and sat by Louis on the couch.

Me: "do you guys know the name of the club?"

Louis: " i think it's called marked"

Liam: "yea it is"

Me: "that's a good name for a club"

Harry: "i'll go get the other girls" He went to go get Victoria and Jully.

Me: "i like your clothes"

Louis: "thank you i like your dress" Then he leaned in for a kiss and i kissed him back.

Me: "so Zayn do you have a girlfriend? You'll be bringing to the club?"

Zayn: "yea, i do her name is Perrie and she will be meeting us at the club

Me: "so how long have you guys been dating?" 

Zayn: "umm like 7 months"

Me: "aww"

Harry: "you guys ready"

Everyone: "yes"

Harry: "let's go then"

We got into a taxi and it was about a 30 minute drive to the club. We got there and there was this club and in big, vibrant bright letters is said 'MARKED'. We walked in and It was really big and there was a lot of people there, Liam noticed a big red couch so we decided to sit there for a while. Harry got some drinks with Jully and Victoria & Niall.

Me: "Zayn where's Perrie?"

Zayn: "she's coming i got a text from her."

5 minutes later, i noticed a beautiful, tall, blonde girl with blue eyes walking over here and she had great fashion sense too. Zayn walked over to her and kissed her, 

Perrie: "hi"

Me: "hi, im Ashley"

Perrie: "oh, How old are you?"

Me: "19 turning 20 you?"

Perrie: "i'm 19"

The others came over and started talking to her. I started dancing with Louis and my friends to drake and other songs. This club was great it had good songs. 

Me: "i'm going to the washroom with Victoria and Jully" i whispered to Louis.

Louis: "okay"

Me, Jully and Victoria went to the washroom and basically i almost wasted but i controlled myself and we went into the washroom.

Me: "eww! it stinks it's so dirty"

Victoria: "it's a club, people get wasted It's gonna be dirty"

Jully: "i don't care i have to pee"

Me: "are you guys drunk?"

Victoria: "a little not a lot"

Jully: "not that much"

I walked over to the mirror to fix my hair and make-up. When they were done we walked out of the washroom and we bumped into someone. These two girls who where fucking ugly like they got in a dumpster and disguised it with trashy Halloween costumes and dollar store to make to hide there horrible faces which did not work.

girls: "move along sluts."

Jully walked away like she didn't hear them. But me and Victoria got in there face.

Me: "who are you calling sluts? who the fuck do you think you are?"

girl 1: "you! who else the wall because it looks much better than you"

Jully walked out of the situation and tried not to get involved mostly because she was scared. We were talking to these trashy girls.

Me: "your calling us sluts? look at yourself."

Victoria: "you guys need to shut the fuck up cause i will fuck you up"

girls: "were so scared"

Me: "yeah you better be"

girl 2: "you can't do nothing."

Victoria: "yea wanna see?"

Victoria threw a punch a the girl while i try to stop her this other girl comes and taps me on the shoulder and i look back while she tries to punch me but i dodge it. I punched her with one shot and she got up and started pulling my hair. No nobody touches my hair i started punching this bitch while Victoria and this other girl was fighting.

Jully P.O.V.

Did that actually happen, so i was just about to leave from the girls, that called us sluts. i don't like getting into drama so i left and i went to Harry and told him about the others and from the looks of it everybody was just huddling around them. Louis began to run to them so did I. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I head a lot of body guards, we won the fight, but i got kinda dizzy and the rest of the boys asked me if i was okay.

Me: "yeah i'm fine i just think we need to go back home."

Louis: "alright"

The Harry called a cab, after we went to the boys home me and Victoria were tired.

Me: " no bruises"

Victoria: "same"

Me: "they didn't hit us hard." Louis came over to us.

Louis: "how did this happen?" We explained everything and the rest of the boys came in.

Zayn: "wow those girls are bitches."

Niall: "i'n just happy that my baby is okay"

Victoria: "yeas i'm good" She smiled and then they kissed.

Louis gave me some ice.

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