Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


9. Shopping for my party

Jully P.O.V.

So we decided to go out for Ashley's party food to cook or something like that. I've been really upset though. Me and Harry have been fighting a lot, like over little things that don't really matter. I just fell hate against him not love anymore. The day shopping with the girls will probably help. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I finally got my license so i asked Harry if i could use his car to drive to the mall and he was okay with it. Me, Victoria and Jully we were off to the mall, we got on our sunglasses and beanies on people wouldn't notice us. We got to the car without people there. It took a ten minute drive. 

Jully: "is it normal for a couple to fight a lot?"

Me: "yea, but it also means your not connecting and trusting each other. Fighting is bad for your relationship. Why Jully are you and Harry fighting?" 

Jully: "yea but it seems like we are fighting over stupid things."

Victoria: "you guys can fix it right?"

Jully: "yea- I don't know" She said while putting her head down. 

Me: "it's okay you guys will work it out. Let's just go head inside the mall girls" 

We went inside and i really wanted to buy these pair of vans. I also saw a pair of earrings that i saw and i told the girls that. hint hint. We went to the dollar store to get some supplies and then we left to go buy food. With Victoria she wanted to go get chicken wings. I got these churos dipped in chocolate. We got lots of things like food, balloons, and other decorations  We walked out of the mall and we put the shopping and groceries in the trunk. I also got this really cute dress from forever 21.  

We started to drive back and Louis was messaging me. I started to think i really wanted a tattoo. 

Me: "I really want a tattoo. what do you guys think?" 

Victoria: "really you would?" 

Me: "yeah" 

Victoria: "if you want..." 

Jully: "WHAT! WHY!?"

Me: "Because i want to" 

Jully: "whatever your decision" 

So we decided to drive to the nearest tattoo parlor at that time. I went in and the told the tattoo artist that i wanted butterflies near the side of my wrist, the butterflies get smaller and bigger and it starts like broken butterflies and then it starts to repair. He did it and I wasn't going to lie it hurt a lot. It looked beautiful. I also wanted to get a carrot to remind me of Louis. 

We drove back and went inside the hotel in Jully's room. We were just chilling there and we put the food in the fridge. Louis called me.

Louis: "Are you guys done shopping yet?"

Me: "Yea we are at the hotel in Jully & Victoria's room" 

Louis: "okay we'll see you soon i have a surprise for you for tomorrow." 

Me: "really what is it?"

Louis: "can't tell you."

Me: "well i have a surprise and it it permanent" i said trying to give him a hint of what it is.

Louis: "ok well i can't wait to see it but i gotta go love you"

Me: "k love you too." 

A couple minutes later the boys walked into Jully & Victoria's room.

Louis: "what's the surprise?" 

I went near him.

Me: "promise you won't get mad?"

Louis: "don't worry i won't."

I lifted up my sleeve to show him my tattoo. 

Louis: "I like it- Hey there's a carrot at the end" 

I just laughed while i nodded my head. The rest of the boys came to see it. i went over to jully and whispred into her ear.

Me: "Jully i think you and Harry need to talk." 

Jully: "okay I'll try to work it out with him." 

Me: "good luck." 

I left the room and so did everyone else. While Jully and Harry could go talk in private. I jumped on the bed with Louis and we cuddled while watching tv with the others. We were watching tv when we heard shouting coming from where Jully and Harry was.

Me: "let's go check it out." 

Everyone just nodded their heads. I was about to open the door knob when the door flew open and i saw Jully who was furious. She walked past me almost knocking me over and she went and punched a wall. I never saw Jully so mad before. I looked back in the room and I saw Harry sitting by a wall with his head in his hands. 

Me: "Louis you go talk to Harry. Me and Victoria will go talk to Jully" 

He nodded and left. 

Louis P.O.V.

I knew Harry's feelings about Jully. He told me that they have been fighting a lot. But i never knew that this would happen. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I went with Victoria over to Jully while the boys went and talked to Harry. I saw Jully sitting there with tears in her eyes. 

Me: "What happened?"

Jully: "WERE OVER!" 

Me: "what do you mean"  said trying to comfort her, 

Jully: "me and Harry, were over." She said while sobbing. 

Me: "It's ok. you guys relationship was a mess anyways you have trust issues." I said while me and Victoria tried to comfort her. 

After like 20 minutes. i went back into my room where i saw only Louis. I brought Louis outside with me.

Me: "Tell me what happened with harry" 

Louis: "he just told me that Him and Jully were over," 

Me: "Where is Harry?"

Louis: "he went back to his house to chill and relax" 

Me: "wow, This is all new to me. What about tomorrow?" 

Louis: "well we can see if we can go hang out" 

Lucky i bought some ice cream Jully can have it.Later on Louis tried to reach Harry he was worried so i told Louis to go home to comfort him.

~ later that night ~

Louis came home and we were just watching tv and cuddling. The boys went home. Tomorrow was my birthday i was so excited, i slept with Louis. 






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