Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


14. Plane ride

Ashley P.O.V.

We went from Nandos and Louis drove me, Victoria & Jully home. The girls had to pack for tomorrow so we got dropped back at the hotel. I wonder why Harry was mad? Anyways i told my family how i met one direction but they already knew and how i was excited about going on tour with the boys. When we got back we went to our room and i came by Victoria and Jully's room.

Me: "What you packing?" 

Victoria: "Mostly shoes just kidding a lot of clothes since it's fall and some more warm stuff i guess"

me: "Oh Jully! You and Liam seem to be getting pretty close are you guys dating?"

Jully: "I'm not sure yet, we might" She said while shrugging.

Me: "Oh"

We helped each other pack till we were done. I especially packed warm clothes lots of sweater and warm clothes. When we were done i texted Louis.

To: Ashley
I'll call you and you have to be ready for 7:00 am.
From: Louis

I set my alarm for 6:00 am and i slept in Victoria's bed, it was 10:00 pm right now and i was tired so i fell asleep.  

~ The Morning ~

I woke up to Louis voice.


It was recorded because once i recorded it of him saying it and i liked it so i put it as my alarm. I woke up and it woke Jully up too, but not Victoria she is not a morning person.

Jully: "Wake up bitch"

Victoria: "Go to hell"

Jully: "You did the same thing to me on my birthday"

Victoria: "Ok okay im up gosh, and by the way what the tits is up with your alarm why is Louis screaming" 

Ashley: "I like don't judge me"  

I grabbed my towel and went to take a shower and after 5 minutes i changed into some khaki jeans and a black laced top with my blue vans and a beanie. Victoria went into the shower she came out wearing a hoodie, black skinny jeans and a cute top. She tied her hair back which kind of surprised me because she usually doesn't wear her hair back but it looks nice and light blue TOMS. Jully showered last and she wore a cute top with a cardigan and sneaker with jeans and her hair straightened. I got a text from Louis and it was 7:00 am saying  to come down. We got all our luggage and stuff and we went downstairs.

~ 30 minutes later ~

We finally got to the airport and it was 7:40 am. We waited a while until we heard
"Flight 24, Flight 24 leaving for Canada".
That was out flight so we walked where we saw a women greeting us and checking our plane tickets and we went onto the plane first class. I sat near Harry and Louis and in front of us were Niall and Victoria they were cuddling they were so cute, But Zayn was sitting beside Victoria awkwardly. Behind us was Liam and Jully, oh la la. 

The plane started to take off and i was tired so i snuggled into Louis and i slowly started to shut my eyes. I felt his chest slowly going up and down and for some reason it calmed me down and i fell asleep in Louis arms and so did he.

~ After a while ~

I felt someone tap my shoulder and i slowly opened my eyes while rubbing them.

Me: "What?"

I turned to see Harry looking at me i forgot that he was beside me.

Harry: "Sorry to wake you. But do you have earphones?"

Me: "Umm no sorry i don't have them now. and it's okay that you woke me up"

Harry: "Oh okay" 

He came closer to me and whispered. 

Harry: "You also look really cute when you sleep"

Me: "Umm thanks do you watch me while i sleep?" 

Harry: "Umm... no- yea i guess so sorry" 


Me: "Okayyyy" 

I wanted to break the silence that was in the air mostly because i was woken up and i was probably not going to fall asleep and i wanted to talk to someone and everyone else was asleep. 

Me: "Harry?"

Harry: "Yes?"

Me: "Were you mad yesterday?"

Harry: "Yea"

Me: "Why?"

After a minute or whatever of him explaining about the whole Haylor situation i understood. 

Me: "Oh"

I gave him advice and our eyes met for a second. I quickly looked down. 

Me: "I have to go to the washroom" 

I got up and i found the washroom and i went pee. 

Harry P.O.V.

Wow i described my problem about the Taylor thing and she gave me advice. My eyes met hers and i started to get a knot in my stomach i really like her. I need to tell her how i felt when she got up to go to the washroom, but in the back of my mind it was saying i need to get over her. 

Ashley P.O.V.

I came out of the washroom and i saw Harry on his phone and i sat back down in my seat and it was dark and people were sleeping. I layed my head on Louis sholder and he shifted and wrapped his arm around me. I fell asleep, Later on Harry woke me up again.

Harry: "Were here guys" 

I got up and so did the others i got my stuff and all of us headed out and i saw the view of my home finally. I'm so excited, 

Me: "Where now?"

A/N: There's the chapter i hope you like it. Loves you byess







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