Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


11. Photo Shoot

Ashley P.O.V.

The next morning i woke up at 9:00 am to Louis talking to someone on the phone I slowly opened my eyes.

Me: "Louis?"

Louis: "shhh" 

After like two minutes he got off the phone.

Me: "Who was that Louis?"

Louis: "Oh it was just Paul saying that we have a photo shoot at 12:00. Do you wanna come?" 

Me: "Yea sure"

Louis: "okay... I'm going to go wake up the boys or they probably already got the call" 

Me: "okay I'll go get ready" 

I noticed that Louis was already ready so when he left i went to the washroom and i texted Victoria and Jully if they heard about the photo shoot. They text back saying that they did. I went to go take a shower and ten minutes later i got out. I got dressed in a denim cut sleeve jacket with a stripped shirt and light purple jeans with combat boots and a beanie. I texted Louis to see if the boys were ready and he replied yes. I went to Victoria & Jully's room. I borrowed Victoria's straightener and i straightened my hair.

~ 10 minutes later ~

Louis came to pick us up. I got my purse with the girls and we went downstairs and we got in the car. There was this very big truck and that where Paul was and he drove us to the photo shoot. 

~ 30 minutes Later ~

We finally got there and the boys got in and they stylist did their hair and makeup and everything. I decided to take pictures with them. There was a lot where i look cute and funny. There was this couch and me and the girls were allowed to sit on them so we did and we got to meet some of the stylist. 

I remembered that i still had the letter that Luke gave me, It reminded me back in 8th grade when he would say something and i got mad he would send me little notes with apologies in them. They were so cute. 

When the boys were done there photo shoot, Niall asked if we could go eat at Nandos and of course all of us agreed. Then we were all laughing at how Victoria pronounced Nandos. 

~ 20 minutes later ~

We all got chairs with the tables and we sat and we ordered our food. I got rice and chicken. Niall f course ate the most. We all shared the cost of the food. When we finished our meal we went back to our car. It was around 9:00 pm and I was pretty tired. I was thinking if i should meet up with Luke so i decided to text him but he didn't respond. 

Louis P.O.V.

I was eating while we were at Nandos and i saw Ashley on her phone a lot. i could see that she was texting someone but i didn't know who it was. When we came back i went to the girls room and i was tired but i still wanted to talk to Ashley. 

Ashley P.O.V.

We went into my room and we all hanged out. Louis came over and walked to my side of the bed while i was on my phone and Louis grabbed it from my hand.

Louis: "Whatcha been doing lately?" 

Me: "Nothing texting."

Louis: "who?"

Me: "Luke and friends. Why you jello?"

Louis: "pffttt no" 

Me: "oh really"

I started to tickle him.


I started to laugh and i got closer to him.

Me: "you don't have to be jealous, I'm yours remember that." 

I leaned in and kissed him. Then Louis pulled away.

Louis: "are you sure?" 

Me: "of course love" 

I leaned in and kissed him again. After we noticed that the boys and Victoria & Jully were standing there awkwardly watching us. I laughed at their faces. Then i saw Jully and Harry talking they are still friends that's good. Then i saw that Victoria and Niall were snogging. It was all good we were all tired so we all feel asleep. 




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