Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


18. Party

Ashley P.O.V.

I woke up and it was around 1:00 and lately i have been talking to my family and they said that they were having a party for me. The boys, Victoria & Jully could come too if they wanted. I hope my family excepts Louis. The party was on Saturday this week lucky the boys didn't have no concerts or anything. Today was Thursday and i was really bored when i woke up i saw Harry sleeping i changed into baggy shorts and my jorans with a tank top. I tied my hair and i was going to go to the gym downstairs and a run outside.  

I went downstairs and i went straight to the basketball court and i started shooting some hoops and listening to music. I was playing when i heard someone call my name i turned around and saw Louis standing there in his pajamas. 

Louis: "Oh you were here. I was wondering where you were."

Me: "Oh sorry to get you worried i was just down here"

Louis: "Yea. Get upstairs and get changed i want to take you somewhere."

Me: "oh really where?"

Louis: "It's a surprise"

Me: "Aww"

He came closer to me.

Louis: "Come on go upstairs and take a shower"

Me: "you too"

Louis: "Yea i need too"

I went upstairs with him and i went into my room and i was greeted by harry.

Harry: "Where were you?"

Me: "Gym"

Me: "Louis is going to take me out so I'm not going to be here"

Harry: "Oh okay"

I took a shower and i got out and i put on a dark blue dress and i put legging under and these black silver stilettos and i left my hair naturally curly. I added mascara, lip gloss and a put on a short jacket i came out and sprayed perfume. 

i walked out and Harry was sitting on his bed and he was looking directly at me.

Harry: "Wow" his jaw was on the floor.

I twirled for him.

Me: "How do you like?"

Harry: "What?"

Me: "How do i look?"

Harry: "Good Louis is very lucky"

Me: "Aww that's sweet"

I heard a knock on the door i went to go get it and i saw Louis and i gave him a big kiss and it was so passionate.

Me: "Okay were gonna leave now. Bye Harry"

I walked out holding Louis hand. We walked out of the hotel and we drove in Harry's.

Me: "So where are you taking me?"

It was a red light so Louis leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

Louis: "Surprise remember?"

Me: "Yeah okay" 

~ An hour later ~ 

There was this big place it looked like a restaurant and it reminded me of the harbor front. It couldn't have been anyways Louis parked the car and he came to my door and opened it for me and i gout out. 

Louis: "Oh your wearing the dress" He started biting his lip.

Me: "Yeah just for you" 

Louis: "Well not your making be a bit horny"

Me: "I guess you find this a tease"

Louis: "Could be" 


We walked inside this restaurant and we were greeted by a woman and Louis said reservations for Tomlinson and she got us our table. We sat down and i looked at the menu some delicious food names i was impressed. We ordered our food and we talked and i tolf him about my family's party and he said that he would go. 


Me: "Do you want to go to the club tonight?"

Louis: "Yes sure. With the others?"

Me: "Yea sure why not?"

Louis: "Okay"

He started to text the other asking if they wanted to come and they were bored so they all agreed to the club idea. When we were done out food we drove back to the hotel and we went upstairs. I went to Louis room and we just chilled and watched TV the others came into the room and Louis was falling asleep so i just put a blanket on him.  

I was just talking and chilling out with the others and it was around 8:00 pm. I woke Louis up and I told him to go get ready. I went into my room and i changed into a black dress and the same shoes i wore this morning and i straightened my hair and it was around 9:00pm. 

I went to Louis room and he was wearing a shirt with black jeans and everyone was ready and we all chilled it was 9:30 when we all left. We went to this club called 'All Night' or something like that. When we went in we went straight to the bar and i drank 2 shots. We went and sat in this room where there was not a lot of people and i dance with Louis and we were grinding. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him more and he started kissing my neck and he pulled me into a dark corner and we started making out and he was spooning me. We were kissing and i heard someone wolf whistle behind us. I turned around and Harry was standing there smirking and he came closer to us.

Harry: "Can i join?"

Me: "No Harry go away"

Louis: "Oh your still here? go away!"

Harry smirked and winked and then he walked away and we started making out again and all i heard were moans coming from Louis mouth. I started palming him and he just moaned even louder and i chuckled. I stop and he pinned my arms above my head the wall and he started kissing down my neck and i moaned which made Louis stop and he started to kiss me again. We went back to where the others where and Harry winked at me. Victoria was grinding with Niall damn i never seen her so bad before. Liam and Jully were dancing. Harry and Zayn were talking. 

Harry: "I enjoyed the moans next time i wanna watch"

Louis: "Haha Hazza your hormones kicking in?"

I was drinking my drink and i started to laugh.

Me: "Harry no! Just no"

Harry: "What?"

Me: "Nothing"

Harry: "Okay..."

I walked over to Zayn and started talking to ho, and i got thirsty so i went to the bar to get another drink when a guy came up to me and he stood really close to my body.

Me: "What?"

Guy: "What's your name?"

I ignored him and he grabbed my wrist and started talkign about himself.

Me: "Listen i don't care. Let me go!"

i was trying to get away from him. Louis came and told the guy off and i just went back and sat down.

Me: "Old creeps"

Louis: "Are you okay?"

Me: "Yea i'm fine. Why? you jello?"

Louis: "No! well , maybe but i was worried your mine"

Me: "Aw of course im yours"

I leaned over and kissed him and my favourite song came on so i started dance with Louis until Harry came up.

Harry: "Hey Louis can i talk to her"

Louis: "Yea sure but don't touch her"

Harry: "Okay"

Louis walked off and Harry walked closer to me.

Harry: "Hi"

Me: "Hey"

Harry: "So what's up?"

Me: "Nothing much you?"

Harry: "Same"

We started talking and just chilling it got late so we decided to leave and go back. I was holding hands with Louis and we went to the hotel. I was pretty drunk and i went to Louis room and i tried to take off my shoes and i feel asleep on his bed and he cuddled up to me and we just slept together. 

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