Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


2. next dat

*next day*

I got a text from Victoria.

V: I'm almost on the plane to come to England so excited

me: oh yea ill see you then

Then i got a text from Jully.

J: ooh same as Victoria i'm at the airport to come to England to see you gurrll and harry and the rest of one direction. I am so fangirling.

me: oh that's so good can't wait to see you  guys text me when you have landed :) safe trip guys :).

later on i know there coming in the morning at 10:00am so after.

I decide to text Louis

Me: you guys free for tomorrow at 10:00 am to pick up my friends at the airport?

Louis: sure the boys are cool with it

me: okay thxs ill call you tomorrow:)

*In the morning* 

I got a call from Jully.

Jully: "we are at the airport"

me: "okay i'll get the boys will be on our way bye"

I called the boys.

Ashley P.O.V.

The boys come in there big car and we drove to the airport . i swear this car ride was the most awkward car ride ever, i swear Louis either very shy or he  kept looking at me but i just looked away. We got there and we picked up Victoria and Jully.

I notice they brought a lot of luggage, while Victoria was flirting with Niall and Jully was talking to harry and the other boys were somewhere else in the washroom or something i was standing next to Louis i was talking to him.


i noticed when we were going to pick up Ashley's friends i noticed Ashley looked so beautiful i couldn't resist to not look at her but she probably thought it was too creepy and awkward . ughh I'm so creepy oh well i cant look at her?! could i be falling for her?!..

Ashley P.O.V.

me: "hi Louis whats up" i smiled at him.

Louis: "oh hi" :He smiled back at me. "nothing really just waiting till your friends stop talking"  

me: "oh well that might take a while see my friends love u guys so do i but there probably fangirling" 

Louis: "yeah i guess so".

All the rest of them decided to come over after an hour of talking.

Harry: "oooh look Ashley and Louis are talking!"

me: "what ??! ..i cant talk to him?"

Louis blushed and then he ruffled my hair in a really cute way, so i didn't mind. Then everybody started laughing.

Niall: "lets go to Nandos I'm hungry!"

Victoria: "Yeah! lets go". We all went into the car and were on our way to Nandos.


We finally got to Nandos. 

we got inside and Victoria sat next to Niall and Zayn. Jully sat next to Zayn and Harry. I sat next to Liam and Louis.

Louis: "so Ashley are you hungry?"

Ashley P.O.V.

i could see Jully winking at me giving me the 'oh- Ashley-your-with-him-aren't-you-blushing' look. Then i gave her the 'don't -fuck - with - me - same - back -to- you' look then i heard Louis asking me something.

me: "oh sorry I'm a little hungry i don't like to eat much but if i'm depressed or i have a lot of stress i guess i probably eat a lot haha"

Louis: "oh hahaha i do that to .. sometimes  i guess we'll order"

great .. why did i say that he prob lay thought i'm such a fat ass ughh oh well.

Niall: "oh well i would like a whole chicken ,rice ,Cesar salad" And some more stuff i really didn't care about. The rest of us ordered and waited for our meal.

me: "so Victoria and Jully how was Canada.?"

Jully : "good it was so boring but then you told me and Victoria to come, and i am happy it's so fun here. But let's eat i'm hungry"

Victoria: "yeah I'm hungry too so lets eat"

me: "alright lets eat"

After we ate Harry invited us to come back to his house to hang out and watch a movie or something.


we all sat on their couch Jully sat near harry and they talked.  Victoria with Niall were together. Then there was me,Louis, Zayn and Liam sitting together i actually talked to them. It was nice,


Me: "I've only watched the first two movies"

Liam: "WHAT? well now you are going to watch all of them."

me: "okay sure" I smiled.

Louis : "wow you only watched one and two" He looked at me and smiled.

me: "yup i mean I've tried to watch 3 but I've always been busy"

Louis: "well now you can watch all of them"

me: "well okay" i smiled at Louis.

Liam: "shhhh! it's starting"

While we were watching the movie i could both see Jully and Victoria both talking to Niall and harry they looked so interested and i winked both at them.

i started to fall asleep and it was only 10:00pm Louis just held me tighter to his shoulders then I finally woke up.

Me: "ooh sorry i fell asleep" he just held my head to his shoulder

Louis: " ts fine i feel safe plus your so warm"  He winked and smiled at me.

me: "ohh okay well i'm always warm and i feel safe too!" I didn't feel like sleeping anymore. So i got up and started talking to Louis about very presonal stuff.

me: "so Louis..?"

Louis : "so what ashley?" He smiled at me.

me: "i'm just curious on your love life" 

Louis: "ohh well i don't have a girlfriend what about you?"

me: "ohh well i don't have boyfriends just forever alone " i started laughing.

Louis: "haha forever alone?" with a question in him voice.

me: :yea umm can i ask a weird question?"

Louis: "yeah sure what is it?"

Me: "How many girlfriends have you had in your life?"

Louis: "well to be honest about three. How about you?"

Me: "oh I've never had a boyfriend i don't know how first love is"

Louis: "ooh well i guess you'll find out some day

Louis P.O.V. 

Why did i say that i feel so foolish uhh whatever

Ashley P.O.V.

'wow feeling bleehhh too erkk ward hhaha see what i did' i tweeted that. But i don't have Louis or the other boys so i dont have to worry about them seeing that.

*Next day*

When i saw Jully with Harry and Victoria with Niall i screamed "AWWW SUCH CUTIES!" because they were laying on there shoulders and it was so cute! We were origanally going to be staying at a hotel but we ended up staying the night over at their house. They woke up and so did everyone else we decided to go to Nandos and we did we got there and we talked about out lived and shizzz. It was really fun. I talked to Louis and i mean like a lot.















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