Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


10. My Birthday

It was finally my birthday. I woke up to messages from the boys and twitter from directioners saying 'Happy Birthday'. I would reply back but it was so confusing. I got up and took a bath and started to walk to see if Jully and Victoria were there in their room. They were cooking and they invited me to cook with them, i felt really bad for Jully, then i got a text from Luke. 

Luke: hi happy b-day i really need to talk to you in person like soon!

Me: Oh thanks and I'll see. I got a tattoo haha remember one time in grade 8 i told you that i wanted a tattoo and you asked me why and i said because i want to. 

Luke: Oh i wanna see it can we meet at the park just for no more than an hour?

I was really scared what if Louis came back and noticed that the birthday girl was gone. I'll just go for an hour. 

Me: okay

Luke: yea I'll be waiting 

I called Louis. 

Me: "hey Lou I'm gonna go to the park with Luke to talk about lacrosse i will be quick."

Louis: "oh alright babe but be fast i have plans for us"

I got ready and i drove in Harry's car. I asked Harry and he just said to bring it back. I drove to the park where i saw Luke pass by in a really cute outfit. I was in a trench jacket and a hoodie and some skinny jeans with converse and i straightened my hair. I got out of the car and walked over to Luke. He got up and hugged me a little and then he started lift me up.

Me: "PLEASE! put me down!!!" He did.

Luke: "Happy Birthday". 

He gave me a letter and told me to read it when i am alone. I just nodded and i put it in my pocket. We went and sat on the grass it was a bit cold. i was shivering. 

Luke: "are you cold"

Me: "a little" 

Luke offered me his jacket and he put it over my shoulders wrapping it around me. 

Luke: "now you have a cape." 

I giggled. 

Me: "i know! Thanks. But aren't you going to get cold without a jacket?"

Luke: "nah i'm fine" 

Me: "are you sure?"

Luke: "yeah. Hey where's your tattoo i wanna see it?" 

I showed him.

Luke: "it's sick but why is there a carrot at the end?"

Me: because it reminds me of Louis"

Luke: "oh" he said sadly. "Why do you like him so much?" 

Me: "i love him" 

Luke: "Oh" 

I tried to change the subject.

Me: "so when are you leaving here?" 

Luke: "oh not long i was only here for the exchange sports team. You know lacrosse." 

Me: "yeah but when are you leaving?"

Luke: "In like 2 months." 

We talked more an then i noticed the time. I told him i had to leave and he understood. 

Me: "do you want a ride?"

Luke: "yea sure" 

We got into the car and he told me where to drop him off and and i did. he was getting out but before he went in for a hug. i hugged him and patted him on the back in a friendly way. 

Luke: "Bye Birthday girl! make sure to read that letter when you are alone"

He went and left to go to the hotel he was staying in. I drove back to the hotel and i still had the letter in my pocket. I told myself that I'll read it later. I walked into my room where everyone was i saw Louis i ran up and gave him a great big hug and he kissed me.

Louis: "Happy Birthday" 

I kissed him back, Harry came up to me after and he hugged me.

Me: "Are you okay did you guys actually break up." i said so only Harry could hear. 

Harry: "Yeah. I'm fine and yes we did." He said while frowning, I was still hugging him,

Me: "everything will be alright. 

Me and Harry pulled back and Zayn came up and hugged me. We also have like this wicked hand shake. After Liam came up, then Niall. I went to where the girls were cooking and i helped them. I got a call on Skype it was so loud. 

*BEEP!* *BEEP!* 

I opened my laptop and it was my family. Louis and well basically everybody was saying hi. (My family was speaking Spanish)

My Mom: "who are they?" 

I explained how this is one direction and i met them a long time ago. 

My mom: "okay just behave"

Me: "i know mom i will" 

Niall came in and started speaking to my mother in Spanish.

Victoria: "That is just so sexy" Niall turned back and winked at Victoria. 

After a while the others left and it was just me and Louis. 

Louis: "Hey"

Me: "hey" 

My Mom: "who is this?"

My whole family was there.

Me: "My boyfriend" 

Family: "ooohh"

Me: "I have to go now. Call you later. I love you bye" 

I got off of Skype and i chilled with Louis in bed it was around 10:00 

Me: "wanna go clubbing since i turned 20"

Louis: "okay" 

The rest of them agreed so i went back home to go change while Jully & Victoria went o t heir rooms and i changed into a nice purple dress that fitted my body with some high heels. and i straightened my hair.  After i was done i got a text from Harry telling me to come down to the lobby. It felt awkward because Jully was still hurt. Me, Victoria and Jully went downstairs and got into the car and we drove to 'MARKED'. i went with Louis and i started dancing weird with Liam, while Louis got us drinks. It was quite dark and then a guy came up to me...

Harry P.O.V.

I was really upset but i know we'll be fine as friends now. I have to say Ashley was quite comforting and i really liked that. When we first met i liked her a little but Louis called 'dibs' on her. Wo she looks really good in that dress. I think i am falling for her. I felt really wasted i have like 6 strong drinks

Ashley P.O.V.

This dark tall guy appeared coming to me and whispered into my ear,

Man: "Hey Beautiful" 

I knew right away who it was. 

Me: "your drunk harry." 

He tried to go for a kiss on the cheek and i pushed him back. Because he was drunk i told him to go rest on the couch.

Harry: "I really like you" 

Me: "Harry your drunk" 

He tried to kiss me and i backed away and I saw Louis walk up. 

Louis: "Umm Harry your really drunk."

Harry: "I know" 

Then Harry fell asleep on the couch and i started to dance with Louis, Jully, and Victoria. After 2 hours we decided to head back. Liam was carrying Harry home. We got a cab and left to go back to the hotel. I walked into the room remembering the letter that Luke gave me. I also remembered that he old me to read it when i was alone. Louis was in the other room so i opened the letter that Luke gave me and i read it. 

To: Ashley

Here Ashley i wanted to say this to you but i just couldn't.

I've always liked you ever since grade 8, you reminded me of myself and that is nice. I have so much feelings for you and i didn't know how to deal with it so i covered it with my attitude. Sorry if that hurt you sometimes, I just wanted you to notice me. It's i don't know... i was confused I should have asked you out but i didn't and i regret it because now your taken. Hopefully time will pass and it will heal my wounds. I wanted to talk to you more but i didn't know how to. I'm sorry!

P.S. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Bye!  <3

-Luke A.

Wow did i just read all my feelings i had for this man. He should have asked me out i would have said yes. It was really deep. Later i was still even shocked. I tweeted 'time will heal wounds' -L.A.
I went and put that letter in a safe place. After i heard a knock on my door. 


Me: "yes come in?"

Louis: "i saw your tweet are we good?"

Me: "Of course we are it was just a quote." 

Louis: "want to go to bed now?

Me: "Yeah i'm tired."

A/N: Hey guys. Sorry I'm trying to catch up i have a lot of work and I'm not feeling well that much either and winter is coming. NO! I hope you'll like this guys. I'll write more soon Byiesss Love you!

                                                                                                -Ashley :)<3 Directioner Forever  





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