Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


7. lacrosse round two

We came home from the amusement park and it was 10 pm. I was already tired so i went to sleep with Louis and it was cute and i mean so cute, i kissed him and we tickled each other the whole night and it was perfect. He is perfect i love him.

* Next Day *

I woke up the next day at 8:00 am and i realized i got a text from Luke.

Luke: Where are you? we have lacrosse.

Me: When is it starting i'll be there? i never knew i forgot.

Luke: It's ok. It's at 9:00.

I ran to Louis room and woke him up. Louis was so tired so i just said fine and left him. I went into Harry's room and knocked and i saw Jully on the bed with him. 

Me: "HARRY!"

Harry: "What?" 

Me: "can you drive me to my lacrosse game it starts at 9" 

Harry: "fine"

He got up and started getting ready. I went back into Louis room to go wake him up and he finally did. 

Me: "i got a game to go to Louis hold my purse. Haha gurlll" 

We got into the car and we started driving and we got to the game. I saw Luke and he started walking towards me

Luke: "Hi"

Me: "hey"

Luke: "here let me help you with your lacrosse sticks"

He grabbed my sticks and he leaned over and tried to kiss me. But i pushed him away. 


Luke: "I just wanted to kiss you and who's your boyfriend?"

I looked over and saw Louis running down the stairs in my direction. 

Louis: "I'm her boyfriend why did you try to kiss her?"

Luke: "eww him" he said pointing to Louis. 

Louis: "bro who you saying eww to? wanna scrap?"

I come between them. 

Me: "Stop it guys, Louis i'm pretty sure it was just a mistake.

Louis: "No i don't think so."

He clenched his hands into a fist and i grab it and squeeze it tighter.

Me: "He's not worth is Louis. Please don't" I said while kissing him. We started to wlak away and Louis looked back at Luke.

Louis: "I'm watching you"

Luke started to mock him. I looked back at him.

Me: "your annoying!" 

I went and walked to the coach. 

Luke: "Wait ash!" 

Me: "WHAT!?"

Luke: "you could do way better" He said while pointing at himself. I walked close to him.

Me: "are you fucked? do you see that guy over there he is my first love and i love him to death i would never trade him for a douchbag like you"

Luke: "you don't know what your missing."

I wanted to kill that kid right there and then. 

Me: "eww you? you will never be better than Louis and may i ask you something. Why are you interested in me, like all of a sudden"

Luke: "i use to like you in grage 8 but then we spit up and went to different high schools and now i am here looking at you again"

Me: "ok well bye"

~ the game ended ~

Victoria: "you played a good game"

Me: "Thanks! I'll tell you what happened after"

Liam drove back to the hotel, and i was really tired so i went back to my room and Victoria followed me. 

Me: "I'm going to take a shower i'll be back"

Victoria: "okay hurry up. I'll wait"

I took a shower came out and changed and then sat beside Victoria. I went told her the story of what happened with me and Luke.

Victoria: "wow what a douche"

Jully walked into the room.

Jully: "who's a douche?"

Me: "I had a fight with" I was saying while Louis and the rest of the boys came in the room. "Never mind i will tell you after." 

Louis: "eww Luke, he's so annoying."

Me: "I know i told him off you guys almost had a scrap"

Louis: "scrap?"

Me: "another word for fight"

I left the room and i saw the boys sitting on the couch so i went over to Jully and whispered in her ear what happened. 

Jully: "wow"

Me: "i know"

After we played dare or dare. We played so that no one could chose truth. We started playing with each other and we had weird dares. It was funny Harry dared Niall to go into the hallway of the lobby half naked and scream 'VICTORIA IS A SEXY BEAST!'. We all had weird dares. like i was dared to lick Louis abs and the ground but Louis was defiantly a turn on. Overall it was a good game we decided to sleep for a little bit. I slept with Louis while Victoria slept with Niall and Jully with Harry, we all slept in my room and i remembered that my birthday is in 5 days. 

A/N: On to the next chapter soon i'm just busy but I'll make more soon tomorrow. Bye lovelies. 

I got my friend Miss.Horan to edit the story so if you read it it's a bit different but yeah. You should go check out her book though family secret 


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